School bag help. Beaubourg, Abbesses, Tadao, Neverfull, I don't know! Please help. =)

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  1. I need a bag for August 18th, the first day of school for me and I have no clue what bag to get. Originally I wanted to get a Monogramouflage Treillis but it seems like Louis Vuitton has sold out and from what 1-866 has told me, doesn't plan on releasing anymore. So after working my butt off all summer to get enough for a Treillis ($1610) I now have enough money to get a different bag.

    I'm hoping for something that is big enough to hold my books and a binder. I also want a more masculine bag so I was really considering the Beaubourg but I'm not sure, it looks a bit much like the Monogram Bequia line and I don't like the trim on that.

    Please help me find a bag for school. Thanks so much in advanced!
  2. Hmmmm Tadao would be my suggestion, or Abesses. How about the Bastille?
  3. The Beaubourg IMO will not fit books and a binder. Your best bet would the Tadao, Abbesses or the Neverfull out of the choices you've listed. Personally I wouldn't get a bag covered in Monogram for school as to me, it's a little bit too flashy. Ultimately the choice is yours and maybe the environment is different to what mine was like. Let us know what you decide!

    Also, a deciding factor may be that the Abbesses and the Neverfull will be readily available whereas the Tadao is currently waitlisted for the launch on August 15th.
  4. Hmm, well other than these bags, which would you suggest?

    Edit: Also, would the Beaubourg fit a binder and a book?
  5. I love to say Tadao or Neverfull!!'s quite roomy bag!!!
  6. Unless your binder is incredibly thin and small. It will not fit an A4 binder and a book. I'd say that it'd fit a three books maximum, and they're definitely not thick books. I'm sure there have been modeling pictures so maybe do a search and you'll see how big it is.
  7. They are all beautiful ! But Tadao is quite manly, and Neverfull is quite feminine. If you are a guy, i would suggest Tadao n Beaubourg. If you are a lady, Neverfull is perfect ~~ Sorry b/c i dont know your gender.
  8. abbsesses would be great. as would the congo.
  9. what about the sac bosphore? its super cute and can be handheld or over the shoulder. and its masc.
  10. I use a Beaubourg for work. I'm a teacher so I have several light and slim folders in my bag. For heavier things, I choose to carry them by hand rather than stuff them in my LV. My bag's too beautiful to be abused like that! Haha. I think a Neverfull would be good although putting too much in may hurt ur shoulder cuz the strap is thin. But in the end, go for the bag that u really want. :smile:
  11. Personally I would only suggest the Abbesses/Bastille/Congo or the Montsouris. I don't know what school and books are like for you but as I recall being at the university there was no way I'd want to walk around with a handheld book bag. For me, my book bag would have to be something that could be toted on my shoulder. Just a thought.

    Good luck with your decision. Have fun!
  12. I'd get the Tadoa.