School Bag: Betty Hobo-ish Tote vs. Cross-Body Paddy

  1. I just discovered the Betty. And then the auction that I won sort of fell through because the seller noticed that one of the studs holding a strap on came apart from the bag. I'm getting a refund.

    Now there is a Betty tote in burgundy (great colour for the Betty) in a tote-ish shape but a slouchy top. There's also a sleeper auction I discovered that's less expensive (but more than the Betty) for the CB Paddy.

    So it comes down to what you think, plus whether or not the Paddy is too heavy for things like airports, Disney World, and of course, lugging books.

    There IS the cross-body option, which means I can maybe distribute some weight better.

    And if the Betty is heavy anyway, thennnn....

    I might buy both, I don't know.

    Oh there's also the thing that I saw one of these early on in the "All About Betty" thread. Now I like the wide pocket on the back of Betties, does this style have that?

    I'm really tired so I need to crash... :sleepy:
  2. If I am thinking of the correct Betty, then I think the Paddy would be heavier. Especially if you plan to travel with it and carry books in it.
  3. Thank you. What is the Betty you are thinking of?

    I should add a picture!!

    And I put my current school bag with its long strap as a cross-body bag and it did NOT help with weight distribution, soooo....
  4. The cross-body is HEAVY as it is and to use it as a school bag would make it even heavier. The large betty would probably be better but for school I use my Edith and my Large Tracy in Chocolate and if I have some medium size books I carry a small Hervé Chapelier tote to put them in.
  5. I do like the Tracy in like that gris slash black or something. But I think I really like the Betty for school with those pockets. :smile:
  6. The one I have is actually the largest one, the solid colour chocolate as it is wider inside and can fit my books with ease. But I agree with the Betty. Hope you find one.
  7. :yes: Yes, that was the Betty. That Betty is going to be sooooo much lighter than the Paddy. Especially when you start carrying books in it. :sweatdrop:
  8. I recently got Paddy hobo in black. You should have seen picy=tures in All about Betty and my threads. It'a a great bag. I'm already out of school, but if I still were, that would be my first choice, no doubt. Plus it has the big pocket on the other side,where you can put a cosmetic case or somthing similar. It's light and very paractical 'cause of pockets. Well, I'm totally in love with the bag and highly recommend it!
  9. Thanks!!! I ended up ordering that style! I got overnight shipping, it should be here 'round noon tomorrow!

    I got it from eBay from the greatest seller! This whole thing (missing out on the CB Paddy TWICE .. was ALL fate, huh??) We'll see tomorrow!!

    I've been SOOOOOO excited! The seller sent me extra photos, because the auction ones were terrible. I looked at them for a while figuring out where my stuff would go in the pockets! He he.