1. Are there any fans of Schlumberger?
    I am in love with the enamel bracelets at Tiffanys and am having a difficult time deciding on color. I wear black, browns and greys and the colors available are white, green, blue, red and black w/diamonds which is gorgeous but more expensive. Any suggestions?
  2. You know I love Schlumberger! In fact, I just bought a vintage necklace last week.

    I think the wide white bracelet in the dots pattern that you had shipped in is wonderful and perfect. If I had the funds, I would have taken it home already! But I've seen all of the colors in NY and think each is fabulous. I'd probably opt for the red after the white, just because I think it would work with more things in my wardrobe.

    When and where do you think you'd be wearing it? If I had one, I'd probably keep it for special occasions: holidays,evenings out, or very important luncheons, and suspect I wouldn't wear it more than once or twice a month, if that, just because I figure more wear would risk the enamel. But I'd want to make sure I was wearing it at least several times each year - otherwise, why get it?
  3. I would want to wear it a lot..almost everyday if I could.
    I've asked Penny (SA) and she doesn't recommend the white because it wouldn't work with my winter clothes which I can't understand.
    I know Indira (she moved to Wash DC Tiffanys) loved the white.
    What to do...
    Oh my...what vintage necklace did you buy? It must be gorgeous!
    Tiffanys is holding the small black w/ much $$.
    I wish we could meet!
  4. [​IMG]
    Image upload:

    These are Schlumberger bracelets for Tiffany's. Arent they adorable?:graucho: They in 18k gold and enamel...
  5. I love them all bewitched!! Which color...which color?:hysteric:
  6. We can meet! My mother has finished her radiation treatments. I'll PM you my phone number so we can figure out a time.

    I think white would work with anything. AND, that's the color Jackie Onassis owned - so depending upon what you think of her taste, you might like it or not. Here's a picture of the necklace I bought (on layaway!) I'll get it at the beginning of January. (btw, those are cabochon sapphires on the toggle clasp.)
  7. the necklace! How special! Do you know when the necklace was made? I'll PM you too.
  8. I'm not sure when it was made, but I suspect in the early 80s. In 1983, I worked with a girl (only 22 at the time!) who had this exact same necklace and wore it to work every day. It looked great with a crisp white shirt or with a little black dress. I've wanted it ever since!