Schaddenfreude, anyone? Angie's got in-law issues!

  1. Angelina Jolie is reportedly upset that Jennifer Aniston has invited Brad Pitt's parents to Thanksgiving dinner.

    Angelina Jolie
    (BANG) - Angelina Jolie has allegedly been left upset after Jennifer Aniston invited Brad Pitt's parents for a Thanksgiving dinner at her home.
    Brad's lover is said to be infuriated by Jennifer's continuing close relationship with her former in-laws.
    Angelina, 31, has reportedly accused the former 'Friends' actress of "poking her nose into family matters".
    A source told Britain's Star magazine: "She is distraught that the woman who is practically her mother-in-law is continuing to mix with Brad's ex wife."
    Angelina is said to be so hurt she has cancelled an arranged Christmas get together with Brad's parents, Jane and Bill, at her and Brad's Malibu home.
    Dorothy Krebs, a friend of the couple, said: "Angelina seems to have made a stand and whatever Jane and Bill do, they can't find favour with her."
    The Thanksgiving visit was planned before Brad and Angelina flew to India to begin filming 'A Mighty Heart'.
    After Jennifer discovered Jane and Bill couldn't go to Brad and Angelina's for dinner, she invited the Pitts to have Thanksgiving at her house instead.
    Jennifer's friend Tonya Hart said: "Jen was just coming to Brad's rescue. His folks bought the tickets ages ago. Jennifer thought she was doing good, but apparently it's whipped up a hornet's nest with Angelina."
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    Okay - I don't spend much time in the Celebrity Section... Celebs give me a bit of a headache... But the thought of Angelina having In-Law "issues" just makes me smile. *sighs* I don't even care if it's true... I just like it. :yahoo:
  2. that was Jens' family for a long time.
    If Angelina hates it so bad, she should marry Brad, make those people HER family and invite them over!
    Get over yourself Ang!
  3. Hey, I want to know how mad she will get if they take her up on the invite. :mad: :rant: :censor: :devil:
  4. How can she be upset being the homewrecker she is. I love Angelina, but it's clear Jen had a good relationship with his family, I doubt Angie's into family functions anyways.
  5. Okay, and how would Vince feel about all this? I can't imagine that he's really into doing Thanksgiving w/ Brad's 'rents. Umm, awkward!
  6. I agree, if this is true, it's very strange!!
  7. I'm glad. I really dislike Angie.
  8. I developed a close relationship with my in-laws as well and would continue to socialize should my marriage fail. I don't think she would have invited them if it were not ok with Vince. I hope he is secure enough to not worry about it.
  9. Obviously Angelina is not very good at sharing.
  10. If this is true, I think Angie is very wrong.

    It was so warm and gracious for Jennifer to invite Brad's parents. I heart Jen!
  11. I understand why Angie is upset but I just want to say ,"GO JEN!!!" :yahoo:
    That was very underhanded and PERFECT!!:idea:
  12. I don't like both of them but I prefer Jennifer as I still think that Angelina was the homewrecker and yeah..she should get a taste of her own medicine? (sort of)
  13. They probably see Angie as a bit of a homewrecker.
    She's fairly bright and probably knows that.
    Thats why she's so pissed.......................
    IMO thats what you get.
  14. Is it wrong for Jen to be close still to her ex-in laws? It's actually a nice thing!
  15. That was Jen's family... and she may still remain close to them.

    I :heart: Jen and really don't like Angie. Yay for Jen!