Scents that Evoke Memories

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  1. Certain scents can transport me back in time to a place, to a person. They sometimes even make me nearly cry, because they bring back memories of people I loved and lost. For example:

    • Jungle Gardenia -- My mother, dressing for an evening out with my father.
    • Aliage -- My college roommate.
    • Jovan Musk Oil for Men -- My first love, my college boyfriend.
    • Cinnabar -- Me, in college.
    Anyone else feel like sharing?
  2. chanel no.5 - my mom
    cigarettes - my dad (how sad huh)
    obsession - pretty much every boyfriend from high school - hehe
    cool water - my DH :love:
  3. Lacoste Pour Homme - a friend of mine I miss
    Lush (anything) - My cousin who loves lush
    Kylie minogue Darling - My teacher from school
  4. Chanel Egoiste for men - my bf in college... I feel the rush of that first date when I smell this. Even though he has since switched fragrances, he keeps a bottle of this perfume. I smell it's a great reminder of how much I actually love him, despite all the differences and fights we've had.

    Oh, and Gucci Rush for men - this guy I fell very hard for after college. I broke up with my bf (yeah the same one) for this one only to be miserable with this manipulator. This scent evokes a very negative vibe for me.
  5. Aqua de Gio (sp): this guy I liked in 10th grade who surprised me on christmas eve with a pooh bear and had sprayed the cologne on the bear..
    Clinique Happy Heart: the guy I dated summer after 10th grade :biggrin:
    Chanel Egoiste (sp): my current bf

    lol why are these all men?!

    oh and Bath&Body Works Magnolia Blossom: My mommy, who will always pass on her expensive perfumes to use this cheapie:love:
  6. Oh my god, I just posted that my Egoiste reminds me of my bf.. and I'm in college! LOL cute little coincidence. That cologne just smells fantastic! I love it :heart:
  7. YSL's Opium
    My best lady friend. She bought this for my 21st birthday probably not knowing how maturely it smells! Everyone at my birthday party had a good laugh because clearly, that sophisticated "old woman's" fragrance did not suit me nor my childlike lifestyle back then!

    Lolita Lempicka (original purple bottle)
    My ex boyfriend, and one of a myriad of reasons I left him. He shopped with me before my birthday, for a perfume. It was LL's launch around then. I sprayed a sample on my wrist and remembered going "YUCKS". He bought me a large gift set complete with body lotion, shower gel, and a complementary purse-fit roll-on, beautifully wrapped. When I tore away the wrapper, I never felt more disappointed. Not in the gift, in him!

    Thierry Mugler's Angel
    An ex-colleague at a perfume manufacturing company. She picked out this scent among 100s others we had to evaluate for work and for fun, that best described me, although it is not one of my favorites.
  8. white diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor - reminds me of my stylish aunt.

    old spice- my daddy

    Curve- me going out on a date
  9. Beautiful by Elizabeth Arden ~ My mom.

    Chanel no5 ~ random old people (mainly my grandmother's mother, but also my grandmother and my mom, as she's gone through a couple of bottles as well)

    Noa ~ My best friend in high school (I hate that scent now, though :p)

    Cerruti 1881 ~ a friend in high school.

    Jean Paul Gaultier Classique ~ myself, in high school :p

    I can't really think of anything else right now...I'm not a fan of male scents so any guy who reeks of cologne is guaranteed to not get a date with me :p
  10. D and G Light Blue - high school
    Dior Addict - this one particular summer in this city with this guy
    Aqua di Gio - that guy
    Vera Wang Princess - one particular year in school, that sick sickening library
    Issey Miyake Pour Homme - this guy I would rather forget
    Chanel #5 - little old ladies
  11. Chanel No.5 - My mother, getting ready to go out to dinner parties, etc..

    Some scents I can't even wear anymore because of what I remember!
  12. Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin - my Mom has worn this for over 20 years! She won't wear anything else and I rarely ever smell this anywhere but on her!

    Jean Paul Gaultier Male - this guy I kind of dated in college for a while; brings back memories of steamy nights :blush:
  13. White Linen and Shalimar-- my mom

    Pleasures-- high school (I used to wear it)

    CK One-- my first bf

    Prescriptives Calyx-- my sister

    Old Spice-- my grandfather

    VS Supermodel-- the smell brings back all these really specific memories, but I can't figure out why. It smells JUST like something else, but I don't know what :confused1:

    Also I don't know what it's called, but my one aunt bathes in this godawful stinky perfume. She is notorious for it! So whenever my siblings and I smell it, we're like "Ughhhh that smells just like Aunt So-and-so :yucky:"
  14. Sorry... double post
  15. (This is a fun [and different] thread) :tup:

    • Nina Ricci's L'air du Temps - my mom's favorite scent :shame:
    • Prada for men - my trip to Paris last year :rolleyes:
    • Nina Ricci's Nina - My sister :upsidedown:
    • Michael Kors - my best friend and me in London :rolleyes:
    • Dior's Eau Sauvage - One of my favorites... :love:
    • (among many others) :sweatdrop: