Scented body oils - Need recs!

Cornflower Blue

Feb 27, 2008
Jo Wood Organics do some nice body oils but they're quite strong and aromatic (and pricey!).

I think Dr Hauschka do quite a few as well.

I like using the Aromatherapy Associates ones - you can put them on before a shower or bath, and the scent (and softeness) will still be there when you're dried off! Weird I know, but it seems to work!!
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Apr 26, 2006
johnson&johnson have some great baby oils that smell amazing, like lavendar and another one, i forgot the name, but it smells amazing and fresh!
Sep 7, 2006
Berlin, Germany.
I've tried J&J, I just need something with a stronger smell. :smile:

I tried the BathandBodyWorks massage oil testers yesterday in the store and... ick! WAY too thick and sticky, and the smells were all kind of wierd in my opinion.
Sep 7, 2006
Berlin, Germany.
You should check out Weleda...they have some great oils. They have a couple different kinds, I've tried the Rose and Sea Buckthorn, which is kind of citrusy. I really like them both, and they are pretty affordable!
I tried Weleda at Walgreens the other day - the smell of the wild rose especially was real nice!

Anyone tried Clarins body oil? :drool: