Scenario...H "Tryout"

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  1. Scenario...completely fictional...

    You could try on or try out up to 5 H bags to see if they were "you"...

    What 5 bags would you be most interested in?

  2. 30cm Braise Croc, Gold Hardware
    30cm Cobalt Ostrich Birkin
    32cm Rose Indienne Croc Gold Hardware
    Black Medor Clutch
    Violet Lizard 25cm, Palladium
  3. This is easy:

    35 cm blue jean togo birkin bag with palladium hardware

    35 cm chocolate togo or ebene clemence retourne kelly with palladium hardware

    35 cm natural barenia birkin bag with palladium hardware

    32 cm black togo retourne kelly with palladium hardware

    28 cm gold togo retourne kelly with palladium hardware

    If only someone would start a lending library.
  4. 35cm etoupe togo Birkin w/PH
    35cm gold togo birkin w/PH
    35cm potiron chevre birkin x/PH
    35cm brighton blue togo birkin w/PH
    28cm togo plume in the above colors

    so fun to wish...
  5. Would be amazing...

    Still thinking about my 5...
  6. -30cm braise croc GH birkin (we have such great taste japster!! :tup:)
    -30cm rouge VIF matte croc GH birkin
    -25cm emerald croc GH kelly
    -28cm bleu roi ostrich sellier GH kelly
    -28cm black chevre sellier GH kelly
  7. 30cm Black/Fuchsia shiny croc RH Birkin
    30cm Fuchsia/white Ostrich PH Birkin
    JPG Red shiny croc Birkin RH
    32cm Red/Black Lizard Kelly RH
    35cm White/Red Swift PH
  8. hmmm i'm not sure i know leathers but i would say

    massai pm in indigo (that's the one i know i want) but i would also try something like the orange swift like gucci has. it's so pretty. though i don't love swift. that's why i would want to try it.
    constance- brown box
    35 birkin in togo or clemence probably raisin or ebene
    35 kelly in indigo or raisin or blue jean. either epsom or togo or clemence.
    jige clutch- in box. not sure what color.
    medor clutch in black box with gh. i love the way it looks but not sure i could pull it off.

    can you tell i REALLY want an H bag lately? lol
  9. 30cm matte croc vert olive birkin PH
    35cm chevre raisin birkin PH
    28cm croc rouge h kelly PH
    28cm plume white w/ bj piping
    37cm supple vert anis supple bolide
  10. I don't think I need to try a 35 cm birkin in ebene clemence w/ PH...I know I would like that one...don't think I need to try 35 cm birkin in black clemence w/ PH...would also like that one...


    28 cm ebene or havanne matte croc Kelly...loved the CDC in down...four to go...perhaps something in red...perhaps something in chartreuse...perhaps something in indigo...perhaps something in natural...still thinking...
  11. Black Bolide :heart:
    Potiron or black Massai PM
    Gold (or any Blue) Togo or Clemence 35 cm Birkin
    28cm black Box kelly w/gold HW
    Vespa PM...any!
  12. any 32 HAC for size
    35cm Cocoan Porosus Croc w/PH or in Matte Havanne
    35cm Indigo Fjord Retourne Kelly w/PH
    32 Miel and/or Braise Croc Kelly w/PH
    30 Black and/or Havanne Matte Croc w/PH
  13. YES! Next time I catch you in the store, I'm going to grab a bullhorn and scream "Step away from the scarf counter! That scarf is 1/20th of a Kelly!!!!":p
  14. 31cm Braise Croc Bolide GH
    40cm Black Box Birkin GH
    35cm Miel Croc Birkin GH
    35cm BJ Clemence Birkin PH White Contrast Stitching
    32cm Havane Matte Kelly GH

    That was fun! I think I need a (pregnancy-friendly) cigarette!;)
  15. Ooooh, jedimaster...change the HW to gold and you have my grail birkin!!!!!:heart: YUMMMMMMMMMM......