1. Ever been up at 2:00 am in the morning (can't sleep) and be browsing TPF and the only light coming from your monitor and see that darn ad pop up for the upcoming movie Grunge 2- with that piercing eyeball and the red two in the middle... Scares the $%$%%% out of me....:nuts:
  2. Im too scared to stay up in the night alone.. ONLY if it was in my bedroom and the door is locked!!
  3. ha ha..that must of been freaky. i hated the movie trailers for that movie, so creepy.
  4. Ha ha, this is sooo funny because the first "Grudge" movie scared the ^%$@#!! out of me!! To this day I cannot go up in the attic. My husband likes to tease me about "blue Japanese ghosts" but I don't find it amusing! That being said...I can't wait to see the sequel! I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.
  5. Actually, I thought the first Grudge was annoying and not in the least bit scary. Now if you want a good scary movie, you should see The Eye, which was directed by The Pang brothers (I think, I can't remember their names), who are brilliant Hong Kong film makers.
  6. No scary movies for me...:nuts::nuts::yes:
  7. Thanks for the recommendation, I LOOOOVE scary movies, even tho they...well, scare me!
  8. OMG that happened to me last night!!! :wtf:

    LOL!! :roflmfao:

  9. huh? ads? pop ups? what are you talking about? there's an ad for Grudge 2 on here?

    *shiver shiver*
    If that ad popped up on me, I'd probably scream & drop my laptop or something! The first Grudge movie scare the $#!& out of me! I stopped watching horror movies completely after that one!
  10. I watched Grudge another day on movie channel, they had both japanese and then english version. I thought some parts were scary, but mostly because they happened unexpectedly...but overall i didnt find it too scary...
    The one that really scared me was The Ring! I remember i couldnt sleep for few days after seeing it
  11. too funny....and scary....

  12. lol I feel the same way!!!! I'm excited about Grudge 2.

  13. that movie was really good! did you see part 2?
  14. The Ring didn't scare me AT ALL. The Japanese version of the Ring, a little.... The Grudge was really good, I thought. When I'm home alone and the Grudge 2 commercials come on, I fumble around to try to find the remote and change it real quick. LOL.
  15. i hate scary movies ... you've gotta pay me too see those :P... even though im tempted to see the grudge 2