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  1. Just surfing the web and came across this...

    At least they don't claim to be authentic but I can only imagine a lot of these find there way to eBay. Pictures are bad but some of them actually look OK and I'm sure fool a lot of people who don't know about tpf. Others are just plain :throwup:

    Anyway, if you are looking for any shade of pink, green, blue, or exotic skin, this site would have you covered!!
  2. My eyes are burning, my eyes are burning :yucky:
  3. Why do they not have prices? They all say $0. Weird....
  5. I've found a few similar sites. It's good to look at, for research, when you want to know what the fakes look like. Sometimes they make me feel sick though!!! :yucky:
  6. :throwup: Don't know what to say!
  7. :yucky:
  8. EEWWW :yucky::throwup:
  9. Just terrible. :throwup: And I read somewhere else that even if the pic looks "ok," these places send a bag that looks nothing like the pic on the site!

    We here all know that Chloe leather can be imitated but never duplicated! I actually saw a fake Paddy at a county fair (believe it or not they allowed a woman who sells counterfeits to be a vendor! wtf?) and it may have looked like one from afar but when you get close and touch it, it's just sooooooo FAKE! :throwup: ICK!!!

    I even showed the vendor my own real chocolate Chloe front pocket Paddy and she said, "Yeah, I know it's real - I spotted that bag a mile away!" Well, at least she was honest about one thing!
  10. I'm sure I've seen some of those pics before on eBay. :cursing: Geez, they're faking ipods as well.

    Hmm...anyway, you shouldn't post these sites here coz we don't want to advertise for them!

  11. ITA!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.