Scary thing happen to me!

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  1. I went shopping with my little son at Costco and I noticed a little tiny elderly woman strugging with a yogurt case on the ground. I help pick up the yogurt and put it in her cart and preceded to help her stand up. She said she was fine so I went back to my cart with my son and when I turned around I saw her legs literally quivering and buckling. I'm thinking Omg she's going down " Timber." I ran to catch her before her face hit the ground. Thank goodness I caught her otherwise it would of been an ugly. I get her to her cart for stability but I'm thinking why in the heck is she shopping by herself without anyone help. Scared the crap out of me and I'm a bit shaken...
  2. aww, poor lady no one is there to help her shop. It's a good thing you were there to help her out and make sure she didn't fall.
  3. nowadays it's very sad for single old people. most of them refuse or cannot afford to go to old ppl home or nursing home...?
    i saw an old man at radio shack b/c the cable box for his TV didn't work. he was asking for help...ppl couldn't help and he couldn't afford having a technician to his apt. he said he's waiting to die. it's sad.
  4. I work in geriatrics and older individuals have a hard time giving up their sense of being 'independent' and don't really make the best decisions all the time. I would have been worried too.
  5. Aww, that's sad. I see that at the grocery store a lot. Once at the store I helped a poor older woman to her car in a bad snowstorm, and loaded her bags for her. Thank goodness you were there to help her!
  6. When I worked at Dillard's, I always carried out bags or large items for older people. I was in the home area, so the thought of making them walk around while carring heavy pots or big comforters bothered me.
  7. Omg that is so scary! Good thing out were there!