Scary...the fakes are getting REALLY GOOD... come see

  1. wow, that looks real... my large denim tote style number is 11180.. I can't get the drill down to work for some reason... is it possible that Coach made this style, maybe for department stores or pilot?
  2. wow, that's scary...i reported it
  3. This Seller has sold many Signature Stripe Satchels and Totes lately with the exact same photos (no Creed pics though - I even asked her for a photo of the Creed showing the complete Serial # and she responded saying that Coach doesn't use a complete Serial # anymore, only the style # ???? WTF? So, I stayed away from her). But you're right, these FAKES are getting really really good - it's VERY FRIGHTENING!!!! Is there anyway to warn others of this particular seller?
  4. If you look at the front view you can tell it is fake much better. Notice the crooked C's.
  5. I noticed this too...the top half of the C's above the stripe (in the middle) are crooked

  6. oh yeah... man.. I was willing to give it a chance but .. no.. REPORTED!

    We must stay diligent on eBay, ladies!
  7. Yikes! I reported the seller as well! Hopefully they will take this listing down!
  8. Yeah, I say that right off the bat! Hmmm... :yucky:
  9. We will OVERCOME these fakes :tdown:one day, thanks to all of you who reported it!:tup:
  10. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG] the shape just looks off (shrugs)

  11. I can't believe it hasn't been removed yet! I reported it yesterday around lunchtime.

    I once emailed a seller asking if they were sure that the bag they were selling was real, pointing out a few reasons why I disagreed, and then they removed the listing themselves within the hour.

    So I guess my question is, is it okay to do that? I mean, they clearly state it IS authentic, so is that trouble-making? Is there some eBay rule that states one shouldn't question authenticity?

    I feel so sorry for whomever is paying $200+ for a freakin' fake!
  12. I think they might be more likely to pull it when there are no bids, they probably want the MONEY from the Final Value Fee, I wouldn't put anything past EBAY. It's really, really pathetic. Someone is going to walk around with the bag believing it's real. SMH.:cursing:
  13. I think there is a sub forum regarding fake EBAY sellers somewhere on TPF, right OR can we post it here?
  14. wow yeah that is a pretty good fake. i do love that style though!