Scary Storm Passed Through...A Tree is Dangling...

  1. Well...I'm in Indiana...and we had a major storm roll through here! I live on a half acre and we some really really tall big thick tress in our backyard.

    Well this storm had a tornado warning with it...and one of the trees in the backyard (50+ ft. tall) literally went over, almost touched the ground, and bounced back. Now it is kind of dangling at an angle...the fence is all torn up! And it's kind of leaning against another tree:wtf:

    Well fortunately if it falls it won't hit the house...but we're supposed to get another storm tonight and tomorrow!!!

    So I'm going to keep my fingers crossed tonight....just spent 2 hours picking up pieces of trees from my yard...gave up since I figure there will be more tomorrow.

    *sigh* sometimes I wish I lived in a condo!!!

    Everyone else in the MidWest doing OK? I heard it tore through Chicago too!
  2. I am in Nebraska and we had a doozie of a storm come through last night! I was so surprised that there were no tornado warnings issued here...things we awfully windy and swirly!!

    Good luck to you! If you have more coming, hold on tight!
  3. Hang in there, ladies!! Glad your power is on at least!!
  4. The next round is coming through right now....unplugged the computer....lots of lightening! Keep staring at the tree and have my shoes on in case I need to run and keeping the dog by my side.

    Told hubby we are moving to rain and the darn cacti won't fall on our house LOL

    Hang tight those of you in Indiana & Ohio!!!
  5. These storms were awful!! I am right outside of Chicago. We were just about to go into a restaurant when the lady said there was a wait, so we decided to find someplace else, and we got down the road and it seemed like a hurricane! The sky was all black, green, and red!! It was scary and it was hard to see to drive, then I got back home right away, grabbed my cat, and went to my basement until it blew over. Our power was out for like 3-4 hours. Stay safe everyone!
  6. Stay safe, Naomi! I know how scary it can be with trees around your house. It was always a big fear of mine when a Hurricane or very strong storm came through (we lived in MD) since there were large trees outside of my bedroom
  7. Stay safe ladies
  8. Yep, same storm ripped through Chicago area....we have power thanks goodness but most schools in my area don't. I get an unexpected day off today!! YAY me!

  9. We never lost power (thankfully)....and woke up this morning and the tree is still dangling! Supposed to rain all day, but thankfully the wind has died down!

    Now we need someone to come out this weekend and cut this tree down!
  10. phew glad that passed ok for you is that the end of it now or are more expected?

    Freaky weather this year
  11. stay safe ladies!!
  12. Yep, it was pretty horrible in Chicago and suburbs. The El stations were GROSS (paulina) like an few inches of water after you got down the stairs to exit the station. And just the sewers couldn't take all hte water so it was in the streets and so gross to walk through it all. Luckily our power didn't go out. I know some people took in water though. It was just pretty bad out there! I'm hoping it isn't too bad tonight because I have a flight to catch tomorrow and I really want to get on it!! I'll be pretty upset if my trip is canceled.
  13. I wish we would get some of your rain here! We have a 18,000+ acre wildfire burning just north of town (and over a million acres burning throughout the state!). Lots of smoke!

    Hope you all are safe in the midwest!
  14. I just spoke to my neighbor, she was being prepped for surgery when she storm hit and the power went out! Now she has to wait another week. It's just agood thing she wasn't already in surgery!
  15. The worst of the storms are gone now....thankfully!!!! Spent 2 hours in the yard yesterday cleaning...and am not even halfway done!!
    We now need to figure out how to cut down this tree, fix the fence...and we think it might have burst our in-ground sprinkler system too :sad: BUT better than the house I saw on the news where a tree literally split the house in half.