Scary Spice had a baby....

  1. girl this morning. Here is the news report.

    Spice Girl Mel B gives birth to girl

    Tuesday Apr 3 20:20 AEST
    Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, has given birth to a girl in a California hospital, her publicist says.
    The girl, Brown's second child, was born at 12.11am local time on Monday (1811 AEST) at St John's Hospital in Santa Monica.
    "The baby is completely healthy with a good head of hair. No name has been decided on yet, and she is purely known as Baby Brown," the publicist added in a statement.
    Mother and baby were now resting but face a looming paternity battle.
    Brown says Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy is the father, a claim he disputes.
    Brown, who performed under the name Mel B and was nicknamed Scary Spice, already has an eight-year-old daughter, Phoenix Chi, by ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar.
  2. That's great news! I wonder what she'll call her?
  3. Congrats to her. I wonder if Eddy Murphy is the father.......
  4. I'm hoping for a decent name, but after Phoenix Chi, I doubt it! Congrats to her though.
  5. congrats to her...Iam sure tabloid headlines will abound
  6. Happy to hear everthing went well.
  7. I'm sure he is... what a jerk.

  8. Now come on...we don't know he's the father. We've seen enough episodes of Maury to know there's always the possibility it's someone else.
  9. Wish them all the best. I hope we find out who's the father soon.
  10. Glad she and baby are doing well...
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Congrats to her!! :biggrin:
  13. Today is Eddie's birthday too! LOL! Wonder if that's a sign?!!..........
  14. Wow...LOL^^
  15. He has been acting like a jerk lately. First denying he's the father then walking out of the Academy Awards for being such a poor sport...almost makes me regret having spent my money to see 2 of his movies this past year.