Scary situation w/my gallery tote

  1. Today I was going through my bag getting ready to change bags and realized my Legacy Signature French Framed Purse wallet was missing, my heart started beating so fast, realizing I would have to cancel my credit cards, my bank ATM card, and that I had lost my wallet. I started retracing my steps and remembered my bag fell off the seat while I was driving yesterday. Now I didn't hear or see anything fall out when I put it back on the seat, but guess what I found right after I ran downstairs to the garage, the wallet was on the passenger side wedged between the seatbelt right by the passenger door.

    Now, my gallery tote has the partial zipper which I think is weird but a whole lot better than dog leash closure. A word to the wise, be careful, if I had opened the passenger door yesterday and hadn't it noticed it there it would have fallen on the floor and it would have been lost.

    This week on eBay I was deciding between the denim tote '07 and the satchel and decided on the satchel because of the zipper. What I was concerned about happening did happen and this bag has a partial zipper.

    Scary! :tdown:
  2. OMG!!!! That would be scary!!!! I'm so glad you found it!!! Yeah, that's the great thing about a bag w/ a bags fall over on the seat all of the time when I drive, so I'll keep this in mind! Thanks!
  3. So glad you found your wallet...
  4. I am so happy you found your wallet!!!!
  5. This is why I have yet to buy a tote or a bag without a full zipper!!! Glad you found the wallet!!!
  6. Thanks everyone; I am so relieved!
  7. I'm glad you found it too! Something similar happened to me yesterday. I was wearing my sig stripe tote. We went to the mall and as I was getting out of the car I heard something fall I looked and didn't see anything. An hour or so later going back to our car I noticed my cell phone on the ground next to my car!!!!!
  8. Oh, so it actually fell out on the ground and was still there when you returned from the mall? You are so lucky; I'm glad it was still there.
  9. Glad you found your wallet and thanks for sharing that experience. That just cinched the decision for me as I was contemplating on buying a tote with dogleash closure. I guess a zippered bag or any full-closure bag for that matter is still the best choice.
  10. I'm always concerned with this happening with my Gigi, as she has a dogleash closure. I'm contemplating my next bag and I think I'm going to stick with one that has a zipper.
  11. You're welcome, I'm wondering if COACH will reconsider having so many bags without zippers, it's a little frustrating. I want to love my bag and also not be paranoid about losing items because the bag is not secure.
  12. I'm glad you found it before it fell out of the car door! A long time ago my husband misplaced his wallet and we freaked out because those debit cards are credit also (you don't need a pin) and that was all our money so he cancelled it....of course the next morning it turned up..but the bank was closed sunday and we had no new card or usable old card and no money :smile: Too bad about the zipper on the Gallery totes though, I know there must be a reason design wise that they do it that way but a full zipper isn't such a bad thing. I like the Gallery though regardless!
  13. I am glad you found your wallet.:yes: Like many others have already posted...that is why I have stayed away from totes. I am afraid of losing stuff! There are alot of beautiful totes that tempt me but I am just leary of open bags.
  14. I'm so sorry to hear that! This tip might help...I always secure my wallet in the inside zipper pocket (almost all Coach bags have them) so that it won't fall out of a tote or other open top bag. The gallery totes have really nice sized interior pockets and they should hold most sized wallets..or maybe you could put your id and a couple of cards inside a mini skinny and secure it that way.

    So glad you found it!
  15. Glad to hear you didn't loose your wallet. My bag always end up sliding off the chair when I drive too.