Scary potential bidder - Is Cashiers Check Best?

  1. Hi Ladies! I really need your advice as I've got a very high end item up right now and this one person keeps begging me to make an exception to my minimum feedback requirement so she can buy the bag. She just signed up to eBay this week and of course has 0 feedback. I can't tell if she's a scammer or someone genuinely interested in this bag. My fear is that she'll get the bag and then fraudulently file a claim and/or do a chargeback on her credit card. Hard to explain, but I just get a bad feeling from this one. She's a little too persistent when I've told her NO three times. Would it be best since she wants it so badly to tell her I'd accept a cashiers check that would need to clear and then I'll ship the item? I'm most worried about her commiting fraud and keeping my item and the money than if she would just file negative feedback. Now she could be totally legit, but I have just read so many horror stories that I want to protect myself. What would y'all do if you were me? What's the best way to protect myself?
  2. Is your bag rare and HTF? Is it the only one listed right now?
    You could always ask the buyer for more info. and just explain that due to the high rate of scams and since she's a newbie that you need to have her contact information prior to allowing her to bid or complete the transaction.
    Maybe as her to email you a copy of her id, or driver's license with her license number blacked out so that you know she is exactly who she says she it. Would this work for you?
    I too, also get very nervous about those 0 feedback buyers, but then, we were all in their place at some time too! Catch-22!!!
  3. I did this with one of my auctions that had a really high winning bid. She is sending a cashiers check.
    I feel more comfortable doing it that way.
  4. I said "No" to a guy who was flying in from London to NYC and wanted my LV Grrom Wallet. He wanted to WU me $$$ and then send the item to a hotel in NYC. If it is that rare & HTF, I would let my conditions stand.
  5. I'm giggling...whenever someone asks me if they can WU me the $ for something, I bolt! Two words that are deal killers for me regarding eBay-"WESTERN UNION"! My response-"NO WAY!!!!".
  6. why is western union so risky?
  7. So then if they send me a cashiers check and they file some bogus claim against me, there's no way to get their money back even if eBay would side with them for some bizarre reason? My listing clearly states no returns. I'd totally protect myself with tons of photos, etc. Is the worst that could happen is she gives me bad feedback? Just want to make sure before I propose a cashiers check to her. My guess is if she does a cashiers check, she's legit as most scammers I think do that stupid WU thing or go through Paypal and do chargebacks. Am I correct???
  8. I lurk here and am not an ebay seller (I do buy sometimes) but I would be careful about a cashier's check....they can be easily faked and scammers often use fake ones... the bank accepts the draft, and credits your account, but then after a day or two when the draft is found to be a fake, they jerk the money back from your account, and there you are, no $ and no bag. This type of scam is so prevalent that I've seen stuff about it on TV.
  9. Tell the buyer you will only accept a USPS money order only. This way you can cash the postal money order at the post office and pay for shipping the item out at the same time. You will have your cash in hand and the buyer will get their item.
  10. You can cash it at the post office (usps moneyorder)?
    Another reason to go see the "Hottie Mike" who works there!
  11. My thoughts exactly! Perfect idea. No chance of being scammed on a USPS money order (as long as the money order is legit).
  12. As long as the USPS money order name is identical to your driver license, you can cash it in the post office. I would not accept casher checks or other money orders, but I am happily accept USPS money order.
  13. Yes, you can cash at the post office but I don't know if there's a dollar limit because they only have so much cash in the drawers. Maybe there is info on that on

    Bummer, there aren't any hotties at my post office!!
  14. Wow. Thanks so much ladies for all your advice. I will tell the scary bidder that if she really wants it, she has to get a USPS money order. This advice really helps me out and I appreciate all your input!
  15. I think there is a dollar limit, but they can always buy multiple USPS money orders.
    I wish there were hot guys at my PO too, then maybe I be more motivated to list more stuff to make those extra *wink wink* trips to the PO!:p