scary poll.........


How much money have you spent?

  1. 0-100.00

  2. 125-400.00

  3. 425-800.00

  4. 801-1200.00

  5. 1201.00 and over


Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. How much money have you spent on your LV obsession this month to date?
    Pick one:

    1201 and over
    Its none of your DAMN BUSINESS

    YIKES.........:nuts: :shrugs: :s :wtf:
  2. I will have to pick: It's none of your business.
    I keep track and it is pretty scary. The past month was pretty insane! :wtf:
  3. :rolleyes::yes:
  4. you don't wanna know and i don't wanna remember...LoL
  5. Yep..I predict that will be the consenses and majority of this poll...hahahaha
  6. I just got glasses this month $600, i dont count tax otherwise its $636.00

    last month was diff, def over $2600 lol

    my xmas spree at lv will be insane lol so im savin for that
  7. $1201.00 would barely touch a very small LV handbag collection. I think your dollar amounts should have been considerably larger for your poll.:yes:
  8. I actually can be perfectly honest: $0 (yet :P)

    Ask me again after Vegas :shame:
  9. YIKES Matt...Holy Hannah! hahahahaha:roflmfao: Gotta LOVE a Man with style and great taste ;)
  10. Well I have only started into LV since May, but here goes:

    Frambroise vernis small ring agenda (elux): 300 (free shipping too!!!) :smile:
    Mono Speedy 35 (at the time it was only 620): 670 or so with tax (boutique)
    Damier Speedy 30 (boutique): 670 or so with tax
    Damier Azur Speedy 30 (boutique): 670 or so with tax

    So like $2400 all together???
  11. agreed! looking at the "spree" that people have had over the last couple of months.. even for no special occasion, its incredibly large, so Im not sure the amounts really meet the criterias haha
  12. hmm
    i'm on a purse ban and have kept it!!! for this month...none!
  13. KEY word: This MONTH to date. I would hate to add up what I've spent in my collection...would probably have a massive heart attack!!:shame:
  14. Texas Girl, I think she only wants to know how much you spent this month.:yes:
  15. Oh Ive added up what I have spent TOTAL and I am not surprised at all! I keep telling myself, your closer to that next Thousand mark lol. I guess I have a goal of hitting a certain mark? lol