Scary Models .........

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  1. sorry... hope you can see the pics





  2. :sick: Now, that's just not attractive. I want to pin them all down and force-feed them bacon double cheese burgers.
  3. oh my god, I just got chills..I mean I knew these models were thin but they look like they just pulled out of Aushewitz. WOW..
  4. OMG are those for real? It's so scary that they look as though they've been photoshoped!
  5. OMG i think it's sick that they are walking for desingers that must be some sick designers. That should not be the role model!!
  6. this is so sad, everytime i see those pics i want to eat a FAT HAMBURGER.... really this is not beuty as they may think...:amazed:
  7. Thats what I was thinking too!! It looks like it was cut copy and pasted allover LOL
  8. ANOREXIA in google (images) and i've got those pics :weird:
  9. Those photos aren't real. If you look around, you can find the real version. This pictures are made to be "thinspiration" to girls. :sad:
  10. :idea:
  11. I don't think those pictures are real but that's what it's coming to.
  12. yeah, i think you're right, the top one especially looks photoshopped. creepy.
  13. Well, here's a non photoshopped picture of the Versace heir Allegra and her mother Donatella.. that girl is like ana-thin !!

  14. everything about that pair creeps me out...