scary fact???

    Louis Vuitton
    Pronunciation: Lu-wee Vee-tuhhh
    What started off as a luggage store in Paris in 1854, is now a global status symbol. In fact the brand's iconic "LV" logo is considered one of the first designer labels and was created in the late 19th century to, believe it or not, prevent counterfeiting. According to the brand's Wikipedia page, only 1% of Louis Vuitton branded products sold around the world are authentic. The brand, which now includes clothing, shoes, and other accessories, conveys a sense of classic luxury and wealth (summers on the French Riviera) and is led by designer Marc Jacobs.
  2. since when did wikipedia become factual? hehe. i wouldnt be suprised if it was true though!
  3. gez am i glad to be apart of that 1%!!
  4. Wow. 1% of LV stuff in the world is real. And the other 99% is fake! :amazed:
  5. I would take anything on Wikipedia with a grain of salt seeing how everything is reader submitted and can be readily changed.
  6. Exactly! :yes:

    But I'm proud to be that 1%. :graucho:
  7. WOW... thank you to all the piraters who became the vast amount of that 99 percent.:censor:
  8. Wow...only 1% ??? Crazy !!! I am glad to be part of 1 %
  9. Hmmm...maybe only 1% of Louis Vuitton is authentic on EBAY...but I think in reality, the spread is more 70/30 (with 30% being real).
  10. i agree with jazzy
  11. The 1%, while probably not completely factual, doesn't suprise me. Everyone can afford $50, very few can afford $700.
  12. Wow, only 1%? That's unbelievable!
  13. 1%? That's sad.
  14. Okay, now I am glad I paid retail for my wallet. At least I know where it came from.
  15. 1% holly cow.