Old school tPFer
Jan 31, 2006
Alrightyyy guuurlls... :love:
can u give me some ideas on what scarves to get for spring? reasonably priced..say..below $100? for tying on the bag to snazz it up a bit or around the head or ponytail or something... :amuse:

and LV has the long bandeau scarves to wear as a belt/wrap around ur head/tie on ur bag for only $105.....i'm gonna stop by LV this weekend and see what i find
orinoco said:
boycott? why what happened??

For me personally, they cancelled an order of mine that I was really looking forward to. They sold more than they had & this is the SECOND time they've done this to me.

For the others, I think they were sending out preferred customer invites to random people and a lot of loyal Coach shoppers didn't get invited whlie some people who barely shop there or have returned stuff to them got invites. . .? Or something O_o
Oh Scarves! I love to see French women wear their scarves because they somehow really can wear them casually yet gracefully! I enjoyed sightseeing french women (with their bags and scarves haha) last summer when I was in Paris!