1. There is a scarf I've seen in many of your photos, but I can't seem to find on Hermes website. I think it's called a Plisse? It has tiny little pleats. Does this pleated scarf come in different sizes & could anyone please let me know the price(s)? Any currency is fine - I can do the conversion.

  2. Hi there,

    Yes, the plisse is a "knife pleated" version of the 90 cm carre. They come in all colors and patterns. In fact, if you get a flat Hermes carre, you can have it pleated into a plisse.

    I'm not sure of the current price, but there are a few plisses on the Hermes web site.
  3. Thanks doreenjoy! I was looking at the menu on the side expecting to see a category just for them. I also didn't realize they were the full size scarves - they look so much smaller with all the pleats. Thanks again!
  4. No problem. If you live near a Hermes boutique or a Neiman Marcus that carries Hermes scarves, you can go look at them in person. They always have a selection in stock.