1. Besides, Emilio Pucci and coach, who has some great scarves? Does anybody like scarves still? I wear mine all the time and I am looking for handpainted scarves or just plain ole' silk scarves. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find nice ones? Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. I love scarves! I buy scarves from vintage shops, or from asian clothing shops that sell really beautiful scarves!

    these are cute, and a bargain too! Only £10 each from!

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  3. I was given some Hermes scarves about 10 years ago by clients of my husband and since joining this forum I have taken them out of their self imposed orange box exile to admire them and they are beautiful and I am going to wear them proudly this winter and I am going to use them on the bags that I have purchased since joining this forum.

    Maybe you could take a look at eBay for some inspiration or have a look at some vintage stores??
  4. Hermes, of course. Lately I'm loving their Twilly's. I tie them on my bags.

    Alexander McQueen. Saw some cute ones at NM the other day.

    Etro. If you like Pucci try Etro. They are known for their paisley patterns but make some really whimsical accessory pieces. I'll see if I can dig up an Etro pic of mine.

  5. I really like scarves. Vintage scarves are great, and you can find loads of them in secondhand stores nowadays.
  6. Thanks! I didn't realize many still wear scarves. I will check out you all's suggestions. Thank you so much. I love having different scarfs and now since the weather is warming up, I wanted something lightweight for spring instead of my heaverier winter scarfs.

    Oh, and Maxter, that unmbrella is gorgeous!
    Etsy thanks for the suggestion, I really like the blue summer scarf it is gorgeous.
    gemski107, I'm going to see if there is an Asos in Atlanta. I like the first scarf a lot.
    suzie, definitely wear those Hermes scarfs with pride!
    ruusu, I'm going to check out a secondhand store soon! I love vintage shopping.
  7. Burberry has some nice ones as well
  8. I love scarves! Besides the obvious i love vintage silk scarves and Oscar De La Renta ones :heart:
  9. I don't wear silk scarves often but when I do it is only Hermes, Chanel (vintage) and Burberry. Can not go wrong with having a few Hermes in your wardrobe..check eBay and designer consignment shops too.
  10. all of mine are coach and pucci, but i love alexander mcqueens!
  11. I'm not really a scarf person, so the only ones I know of and like are Hermes and Pucci. But I have seen pics of some pretty cool Lulu Guinness ones as well. Havent seen them IRL though, so I have no idea of what the quality is like.
  12. I love scarves! I think Coach has some nice crisp and cute ones.
  13. I just bought 3 vintage scarfs today.
    JoannaSweden- Lulu Guinness' scarves are lovely. I have 1 and the quality is very nice. She also has a great website as well.
  14. Thanks! :smile:

    Good to know, since I am actually considering getting one. I think I have seen two different kinds of scarves around, cotton ones and silk ones. Which one do you have?