Scarves: your favorite size?

  1. Pochettes for me. They're so versatile, they're the easiest for me to work with, and I can collect them without feeling like I'm breaking the bank.

  2. The bigger the better, loving the GM mousses.
  3. I actually like the "vintage" size best, 70 x 70.
  4. In summer definitly Twilly and Losange. Rest of the time 70 Vintage Carré,
  5. 90x90 all the way for me. I somehow can't work the shorter sizes so well. Maybe my neck is too thick ;)
  6. I'm with pseub, I love the 70 cm!
  7. I only have two pochettes so far and the reason is that have thought that the 90x90 is too big for me (I am very short), but after having seen all pictures here I have decided to buy one or two bigger scarves as well. I hope I will not find it too big.
  8. I'm loving the 90x90 carrés for in-between seasons and winter and for summer the vintage 70x70 carrés...
  9. I like them big, baby! GM cashmere shawls from now on (I already deviated from this today w/ 90cm).
  10. GM mousseline or GM shawls
  11. I'm primarily a 90cm girl right now, 'tho much practice in the art of tying is needed.. ;) I would like (later this spring or summer) to try a mousseline - we'll see!
  12. Love pochettes - Though I did have to buy a teeny tiny gold ring to use as a scarf ring. If you're scarf tying skills are questionable (like mine are), pochettes and the triangular scarfs work best.
  13. That's another reason why I stick to pochettes. I have my standard 3 ways of tying it, which is the extent of my scarf origami skills!
  14. 90 x 90 cms
  15. I love the vintage 70x70 styles. They're like the Goldilocks of scarf sizes. The full 90cm can be a bit too much fabric at times, while the pochettes are too small, but the 70cm are just right. :tup: