scarves tied on bags

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  1. I see a lot of people tying scarves on their bags and I really like it. Any opinions on tying them on their LVs...I have the batignolles vertical...I wonder how that would look:amuse:
  2. I like tying scarves on my bags.
  3. I think it would look great. I want to do it one one of my LV's too but I have yet to find the right scarf:P
  4. I love it too! I have a scarf on my reade:

  5. I had forgotten about that. I will have to give it a try! I used to do that about a year ago.
  6. Do you think it would look weird on a pochette?
  7. I think scarves on bags look cute. Maybe not on a real small bag, but for a casual bag I think it's great!
  8. I have the Orange Perforated Bandeau and I tie that on my Batignolles. Do a search on the forum..several members are doing this. Cristina, Jill, and a few others.

  9. I think it looks nice if the bag is simple (not more than 1 or 2 colors) and of a decent size. Of course the scarf should "go" with it.
  10. Maybe it would be okay if you used a really small scarf like a small Pucci cotton square or a Hermes Twilly (which is really a narrow silk ribbon rather than a scarf).
  11. I tie my bandeau on my Sp 40 sometimes.

  12. I like this "tying scarf on your bag" idea. I might have to bust out my treasured Singaporian scarf and tie it onto my bags from now on. :amuse:
  13. Yes, I like this idea as well. I want an Hermes pocket square scarf :love:
  14. I love this:love: Love the heat stamping on your tag too:biggrin:
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