Scarves on your legs?

  1. on the hermes site they do something like tying a scarf around your leg or something? how does this work?
  2. I've seen that too, but I can't see myself pulling that off. A scarf on your leg? Just seems CrraaaaAAAAzzzzZZYyyy to me.
  3. Its a little weird. IMO.
  4. Selena Miller did it with a McQueen skull scarf - it worked for her, but I think you'd have to be rather slim and have the right outfit to pull it off. b
  5. I've seen people do this, but I've never seen it look anything but weird.
  6. I mean, what is the purpose for it on your legs? Just a fashion statement? We've had somethings that celebs did that caught on, but this is something I can't see happening.
  7. It's one of those fads that come and quickly go !!
  8. I hope it goes quicker than it came lol
  9. reminds me of leg warmers or something - yuck
  10. :roflmfao: me too!
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