Scarves on the Madeline on the Coach website

  1. I thought it was the ponytail scarves they have on but looking at it again under the scarves section, the scarves in the pictures of the Madelines are much darker/richer. Can anyone tell me if these are coming out later on or if there's a style number for it available anywhere? Not that I don't like the colors that are available on the website already but I like the richer blue and the purple/lilac ponytail as opposed to what is available for purchase under scarves on the Coach website.
  2. The scarves on the Madelines actually come with the bags - I don't think you can buy all of those colors seperately - at least right now. I don't know if they have anything else up their sleeves for spring.

  3. Does anyone know if they are attached to the bag? Can you untie them to use with other purses?
  4. ^ It's sewn together on the bag. I'm sure if you unstitch it really carefully then you can use it on other bags too. I just like how the scarves match the lining of the bag.
  5. As soon as I saw those bags with the scarves, the first thing I thought is I hope Coach starts selling small scarves specifically for bags! That would be so great. The ponytail scarves work well, but these scarves are just too perfect!
  6. they sell ponytail scarves that look like the ones on the bag!!
  7. I was thinking of stitching my legacy ponytail scarf to my bag today because I was so paranoid of losing it at the mall today. HAs anyone done this ? I saw the white Madeline with the purple scarf today, it is tdf but I love the grass even more. what a gorgeous color ! I love how those bags have longer handles and it is the rolled leather. also the 3 compartments make it very tempting for me ! I don't have a satchel or carry all type purse so would like to find one that I like. I guess if you like the scarf, you will just HAVE to buy the whole purse lol !
  8. This helps a lot! It never occurred to me that they were sewn ON the bag itself! I just thought that it was another ponytail scarf tied to it for advertising purposes! This makes sense now! Thanks!

    Those colors are so much prettier than the colors that are available for purchase separately on the website. :sad: LOL, I guess maybe I have to get myself a Madeline.....I do like the white and black one a lot.