Scarves on Chanel bags?

  1. I've seen scarves on LV and Hermes bags, but does anyone wear a scarf on their Chanel bags?

  2. No I do use scarves with my LV batignolles horizontal but not with my chanels. I think the styles I have or all chanel handbags already say so much for themselfs. I do have the mentality of "less is more" just my opinion.
  3. I don't, but all I have is the cambon pouchette and the reporter. I think a scarf might overpower the pouchette, and the reporter already makes a statement, it doesn't need any help! :lol:
  4. I think scarves look nice on the more "quiet" Chanel pieces (classic flap, cerf tote, quilted totes) and it might overpower the "louder" pieces (cambon, medallion tote, etc).

    rubygirl shared beautiful pics of her cerf totes with scarves here (and I am still so madly in love with them!!)
  5. I don't particularly like the scarf look, only looks good on the Gucci tote
  6. No, I don't use scarves on my Chanel bags because I think they're fine just as they are.

  7. ^^ Here here.
  8. I find that even scarves seem too "busy" with my quilted tote. I used to have an Hermes Twilly, but it just didn't look quite right on any of the bags.
  9. I'm not a fan of scarves on bags period, but especially not Chanel- it just seems to make it less classic. I mean, can you imagine a scarf on a classic flap?
  10. I think it could only work on a Cerf tote personally.
  11. I don't think scarves would look good with my chanel bags because I think the scarf would take away from the actual bag. Does Chanel even make scarves?