scarves on bags

  1. Can someone lead me to a picture of a scarf tied to a bag (especially a speedy) and also tell me how to tie it best? I love the look but am not so good at knowing how to duplicate it on my own:crybaby:


  2. folded mine thin.. like a bandau, then folded in half and looped the free end through.. Same idea on how you wear a scarf.
  3. Do you have pictures of one done as well?
  4. I have some in the visual aids thread...gimme one sec and I'll post them here!
  5. Thank you so much! I tried a forum search but nothing turned up!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. The above one is tied in a simple knot.
  8. Tied in a bow:

  9. Double knot:

  10. Also, what is the best way to choose one that does not interfere (or look weird) with the mono print. Yours all look so good!
  11. I actually went to hermes to buy another scarf...and the SA there (so sweet!) took mine off and retied it. He laid the scarf out flat and then folded it in until it was around 1-2" wide, then tied it in a single knot around the handle.
    He messed with it so that there was more of a certain color showing.

    I would say just keep experimenting until you find a way that works!
  12. The one I have in the pics is a Gucci scarf...just brown, black & white.
    My hermes one is an orange & red print.
    When I was looking in hermes (they really have an awesome scarf collection)....I found myself leaning towards reds & oranges for fall colors. I think they look really good against the mono.
    If you're buying a Non-LV scarf...avoid something with too many logos (for example, try to avoid a Coach scarf that says Coach all over kinda clashes)
  13. Ohhh...I should say...I tried to avoid scarves that had really wild prints all over it (i.e. dancing horses, etc. Hermes has some neat prints...but not looking too good against the mono).

    In terms of LV....have you thought about the Groom Bandeau? It's $110 and looks awesome against regular mono~!
  14. Thanks! I have seen people with logo overkill and scarves it is a bit much!
  15. Do they ever have it on eluxury? I have not seen it yet but love the groom collection!