Scarves on Bags

  1. Can you guys post some pictures of how your wear different scarves on your bags?
    I found the PERFECT scarf today-It's Moschino, but I SWEAR I think he was inspired by the LV Monogram Canvas.

    Anyway, it's tied to my Batignolles Horizontal and looks so cute :smile: but I want some other ideas.


    P.S. I searched for a thread on this, but couldn't find it so if there is one, just point me in the right direction.
  2. THANK YOU!!!

    Here's the Moschino Scarf on my Horizontal

    When I saw the little flower motif, I was SOLD.
  3. Gorgeous and doesn't hide the bag at all?

    Want to start this trend, but I haven't seen it all in San Francisco!
  4. That one is kind of puffy, I don't think it would work on a smaller bag.
    I think I need to fold it down a bit and maybe tie it to the side instead :smile:
  5. sratsey ~ That Looks Gorgeous! I LOVE Moschino...& Together With LV ~ PERFECT!!!
  6. Thanks.
    I folded it a few times so it's narrow now, similar to Tammy's :smile:
  7. Cute scarf, i love the pinks. I posted my scarfs . If l u ook at the white coach bag. Its actually tied into a flower. There are four "wings" instead of the traditional 2 for a bow. Hope this helps :idea: