Scarves SCARVES, ladies ..... How many?

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  1. :love:
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    I have seen this scarf in books and it did ring out to me due to the style of painting, it looks Persian enough for me to collect. For example Turandot might appear to most as a non-Persian scarf, however from an etymology perspective Turan-dot means daughter of Turan where Turan is the central Asian region (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and some parts of Afghanistan) of what was the Persian empire and -dot is short form for the Farsi dokhtar (the root of daughter in English or tochter in German). If you would like to learn more on Turan, please lookup Shahnameh. Thank you for highlighting Dans Un Jardin Anglais.
  4. And as a man, I was fortunate enough to also acquire a rare Qalamdan Hermes scarf tie, so hopefully on one occasion my wife and I can have matching Hermes accessories.

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  5. I do love your headlong H journey :love:and your very unique collection based on your Persian roots.
    You write so well and have acquired a lot of knowledge in a vedy short time.I find the historic side of the silks fascinating .
    Have you erred from the Psrsian tbeme yet?
    And do gou wear them?
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  6. Thank you for your kind message of support. It has been a journey so far of making friends, and a real spirit of community as a result.
    I have erred from the Persian theme on two occasions, one is British Heraldry (1981) by Vladimir Rybaltchenko, which is my year of birth and having lived for 33 years in the U.K. I wanted something to reflect this part of my life. The other is Cendrion (1972), it captures the graphics design brilliance of Karen Swildens, with whom I became familiar after a Persian themed Ritote (1978) sometime called Rhytons, picture attached.
    I don’t wear the scarves personally, although as mentioned I do have a Qalamdan tie which I am hoping to showcase of the Persian New Year festivities in March (the vernal equinox on 20 March). 7E154953-209B-4F8C-A51B-EA23BC73CF08.jpeg C19CE4F8-A141-48A9-A86B-B3C2F6DD063A.jpeg CAADBC1A-4231-4450-88A2-D3D6EF8FDC3B.jpeg
  7. Twill Seeker is such an awesome name! Your Poesie Persane sounds different to the 6x 1970 scarves that I have, and obviously must be a different colourway to my 2x 2001s (bottom-right and 2nd from bottom-left). Was 1988 the year that you purchased the item from another dealer? If so then that makes your oldest scarf from 1970. Would you love to see the colourway.
  8. @PersianMeow
    Twill Seeker is no longer an active member. She joined tpf on Christmas Day 2008, and dropped off the radar after Jan 31st 2009. Hopefully she still lurks and will see your request.
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  9. E0233866-750B-4636-9623-D2392798AA56.jpeg
    I forgot to attach an image of my Poesie Persans.
  10. Just gorgeous. In awe of your collections. Thank you for sharing!
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  11. A happy new year to you too!:flowers:Many thanks for the glorious picture of your collection! A stunning collection and the colors are fabulous!:ps:
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  12. Is this nawruz? (sp) A perfect time to wear your tie and your DW her beautiful scarf!:flowers:
    Your pictures are so artistic! Thank you for sharing your collection!:flowers:
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  13. B0CF757C-841F-4BE3-87A1-6E8CF328E004.jpeg
    Persian New Year is called New Day, and transliterates from Persian as Nawruz. In fact the palace of Persepolis was specifically a ceremonial palace for celebrating the new year, and all civilisations would offer their New Years gift to the Persian king, the king of kings. I have attached a few of my Persepolis scarves, this is the design that originally fit me collecting.
  14. I just love your pictures! Very cool! Your collection is fantastic, historical and very artistic! Thank you for sharing!!:flowers:
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