Scarves for my Speedy 30! 1st time & need help.

  1. ok So I'd been browsing all the scarves LV has online in Eluxury but not at the boutique, so I don't know which would look the best for my Damier Azur Speedy 30.

    Bandeus, Bandana or Scarft ? :confused1:

    I see that the Sweet Flower Bandeus is pretty long. I checked on Eluxury but they are all out of stock of the Bandeus. I have no idea about their dimension. I'm thinking of getting the MC silk scarf. ( Can you fold it into like a bow like the Bandeus )

    UGG HELP PLEASE! I'm so crazy about the LVoe scarf & bandeus but they're all sold out on Eluxury :crybaby:. I have no access to the LV boutique.

    Please post a picture of your speedy & the scarves if you can. That'll be great.

    That's how I want my speedy to look like with the scarf. I rather prefer the Bandeus but I never seen them in person so I don't know.

  2. Opinion plzzzz? anyone...
  3. Coach ponytail scarves, that is all I can say :smile: They look fabulous.

    I don't have any LV scarves.
  4. Here's a pic of my returned Azur Speedy 30 with the Lvoe bandeau...

  5. Did you try calling 1-866-vuitton ? they may be able to track one down for you -- the bandeaus are all I've used on the bags someone will have more advice for you I'm sure... I think the red/pink looks good on Damier maybe the Star Bandeau or the Sweet Mono in those colours if they are available, just a thought.

    I use the Champs de Elysees in pink on my Duomo and Saleya but only the scarf is showing up on eLux.

    Here's a pic of it though just to show you pinks and beige on the damier ...

  6. That is BEAUTIFUL!
  7. Are all the Bandeau limited edition? Most of the acces. on eluxury are scarves, which I like but I guess I rather prefer the bandeau. All the Bandeau are the same price right? I'm thinking of the LVove , sweet flower and the MC Bandeau ( I just saw it today and it is beautiful - MC ). So I gotta have them but I don't & can't really go to the boutique:
    1st: had a :wtf: bad experience at the LV store in South Coast Plaza.
    2nd: it's 1 hour from where I live & I can't really make the trip.

    Gosh you guys don't know how many time I check eluxury today ( more than 10 times ) and it's getting annoying. :crybaby:
  8. I think you can use any of those options! The scarf is going to be a little bigger then the bandeau...
  9. why not call 866-vuitton & have them connect you to a store with the bandeau you want & have them do a charge-send. I just did it with the koala agenda this afternoon & the SA's @ both the hotline & the store were very nice. it should be arriving @ my house in 2 days!
  10. I found a beutiful Hermes twilly on eBay and it looks simply stunning on my Speedy. :okay:

    Have a look at other brands def it better to step outside the box
  11. I went to Hermes for a twilly for my speedy, they have way more choices and beautiful patterns
  12. I love the scarfs on the speedys
  13. twillys are best on speedy!
  14. I second the Coach ponytail scarf. Some of the designs are great!!