Scarves for hanging: four seasons and holidays

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  1. All knowing scarf ladies, it's been a long time since I opened a thread asking for your advice, hope I'm doing this right....

    I am renovating and would like to hang a 90cm scarf in the dining room and change it based on the season and holiday. Particularly I am looking for those themes:

    1) spring
    2) summer
    3) fall
    4) winter
    5) Christmas
    6) new year
    7) Easter
    8) lamb
    9) pig
    10) if possible, Chinese New Year

    I already purchased the scarf hanging system, so all I need is your scarves recommendation! It could be new or older design, as I don't mind buying mint preowned, as long as I can match the themes.

    Thanks in advance, and I welcome your suggestions!
  2. Oh what a clever idea! Ok I'll start...

    3) fall Trois Feuilles
    5) Christmas Noel au fauburg

    Too bad you don't want Valentine's Day tout coeurs
    Or thanksgiving day ... Kermit Oliver's Texas turkey scarf (I forget the official name)
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    Not sure of the name but there is a scarf that looks like fireworks, so that could be your new year one.

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  4. Also here is one for Autumn, don't know the name though.

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  5. It is called Tourbillons, issued in 68 and 85.
  6. Here's one for winter. Sorry, don't know the name.

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  7. Another pic.

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  8. For Chinese new year you could choose scarves with animals corresponding to the year (horse "Mon petit cheval Maxicain', cat 'Cave felem', tigre 'Tigre du Begal', etc. you've got the idea)
    H has some scarves devoted specifically to animals of Chinese new year but personally I find them lucking any charm.

    for summer/spring there are so many possibilities: La prairie, Offrandes d'un Jour, Fleurs & Papillons, Au cover de la vie, Vol Amoureux des Azures', Les Ailes plans du joie (if you want 70 format)

    For autumn - walk in the park would be my pick, but you have to see colors that match your home. Another one - Vendanges.

    For Halloween - C'est la fete - not sure how you feel about celebrating this one with the skeleton on your wall ;)

    Winter - Neige d'Antan, La vie du grand nord
  9. Also, does the room you want to hang your scarves in has lots of sunlight? if so, you have to be careful, the scarves could be damaged. My living room is exposed to the south, so I cannot use the H system. I have to put the scarf into the proper frame with the glass protecting from UV. SO I cannot rotate my scarves too often.:sad: I picked Pique fleuries de Provence in beige tone to hang almost all the time.
  10. What a lovely idea! For spring or summer, I really like Jardins d'Hiver (just ignore the "winter" in the title). For fall, I like L'arbre de Vie. I look forward to hearing all of your other suggestions!

  11. Valentine's Day is a great idea!! And thanksgiving too.... Def will add it to my consideration. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Oh that's a great one! I will need to hunt down the name and start look for it.

    Love the colors on this one!

    Oh yes, I've seen it here and there too... Beautiful choices thanks Suzie!

    I love the Chinese New Year animal idea!! The only thing is one of my sons is a piggie so my mom told me not to put anything tiger around the house.... I actually got rid of my tiger shawls because of that lol.

    As for autumn: walk in the park Wld be beautiful! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Luckily the hall of which the scarf will be hung is on the other side against the light. Underneath is it does have a museum light plug so I am thinking of installing a light fan and some light, so when the scarf is hung and the light is on it will be illuminated from the inside. Does that make sense? As for the fan, some stores do it so the scarf will be flowing a bit, giving it some life. I've seen it in one of my home stores and I loved the idea!

    I will def check them out, thanks for your suggestion!! I am so excited by this project, and will start in the fall season first, once the renovation is done I will take a pix of the first scarf creation. For now, please keep the suggestions coming. I love them!! Thanks everyone!
  12. Pluie d'Etincelles ;)
  13. Perfect - L'Hiver, which means the Winter
  14. I would go for something more your dining room decor and taste, so if modern go for a more abstract manifestation of the theme or if more traditional...

    The four seasons I've chosen all have a detailed plant/animal life with a magical feel, of course they may not fit your decor

    1) spring - Cour de la Vie (with pinks or greens)
    2) summer - Mythes et Metamorphoses
    3) fall - l'Arbre de Vie
    4) winter - Le Grand Nord

    5) Christmas - Passage a Moscou
    6) new year - Feux D'Atrifice
    7) Easter - Couvee d ' Hermes

    More suggestive than actual:

    8) lamb - Cavaliers du Caucase (plenty of wool carpets :biggrin: )
    9) pig - A la Gloire de la Cuisine Française (what do pigs love most? )

    10) if possible, Chinese New Year - L'Art Du Temari in red :tender: Les Facéties de Pégase with the red Pegasus, perfect for year of the Horse (have to put it a way for a while) I always think of my father because he was a zodiac year of the horse

  15. great suggestions:smile: