Scarves Experts: HELP with identification

  1. I attended the Pebble Beach Concourse last weekend and saw a vendor selling a beautiful Hermes scarf with images of classic cars.

    The one she had on displayed had a green background, but she shown me pictures of gold as well as red colorway in the same design.

    The vendor knew very little about what year the scarf was from and I wasn't able to find the signature of the designer since my husband and I were short on time.

    Can anyone help?
  2. There is a scarf just called "Automobile" by Joachim Metz, from 1995, but I don't have a picture--I'm sure someone here does!
  3. Hi Tangle,
    It's not Automobile, Petite Histoire or Elegance Confort Automobile. I'm attaching images of the above three I found from The H scarf I saw at the show was totally different...
    L _Elegance et le Confort en Automobile.jpg normal_AUTOMOBILE Metz.JPG normal_PETITE HISTOIRE.jpg
  4. Stunning!

  5. I love this scarf, I let two auctions go and just regret regret regret....

  6. These are BEAUTIFUL. I'm from the Motor City......these would be a great addition to my growing scarf collection!

  7. YES YES YESsssssssssssssss!!!! :yahoo:

    This was the scarf I saw. I looked high and low for title or signature and wasn't able to find any, and now I know why.

    CobaltBlu. Thank you so so much. Do you happen to know if "bolide" is hard to find? The show vendor wanted $900 for it.
  8. I am so glad to help, nafnaf....

    WOW!! 900 is pretty steep!!! I think you can do better in time, with patience. That is the fun of the hunt for a grai scarf, IMHO...

    I do not now how hard it is to find, generally. In the past year have seen perhaps 4 on eBay and one on the French auction site artcurial.

    If you are willing to wait, you may get a great deal...!
  9. BTW, this is the car from which the Bolide got its name!
  10. I didn't know that this is the car that Bolide got it's name. How very interesting.

    I will wait. $900 is definitely too much to pay for a scarf. Thank you again for all your help. :rolleyes: