Scarves (especially light-colored ones) and real life

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  1. I'm afraid to wear my new light-colored scarf because, judging from how quickly I ruin my white shirts, I'll ruin the scarf too.

    Do you ever worry about the effect that everyday sweat, dirt, flotsam, etc. will affect your scarves? How often do you clean them? Or should I just relax, wear, and enjoy?
  2. This is a good question because I just bought my first H silk scarf yesterday and was worried about how it would cope with perfume
  3. Once, I wore an ecru scarf a sunny day. Unfortunately, the day before had been rainy and there were pools of mud and water some places. Of course a car drove by me and splashed some mud that stained my scarf pretty badly. there are still marks evenafter cleaning because there was some oily thingfromthe car that got on it. After that day I've been really hesitant to use it. =(
  4. I hand wash all my scarves without a problem so I don't think you need to be overly concerned about keeping them clean.....I'm always careful though with face makeup and remove my scarf when I'm eating dinner or lunch out. Otherwise, enjoy them. I always think the nicest looking scarves on any woman are the ones that look a little well-loved. KWIM?
  5. ^LOL...i thought i was the only one who takes off scarves during meals.

    i only have a few light coloured scarves, but i wear them as i would my other scarves. i don't use parfume or make up, but i've 2 young kids (fortunately, they know not to pull my scarves when i'm wearing them...esp. not after eating cheesy cheetos:lol:)
  6. I just turn my scarves around when I eat - it looks pretty with the ends going down the back, and with it up high at my neck in front, there is little chance of a bit of salad dressing etc getting on the scarf.

    I take off my scarves when the dogs are on my lap - drool, eye gunk - don't need any of that on my scarves.

    What I did discover when I got the vanilla colorway of the Maharani, I discovered that it shows wrinkles very badly and must be pressed after each wearing.
  7. That's what orange colorways are for! :P

    Seriously though, I agree with S'mom. I'll use a little soda water if I get a stain on during a meal, like soy sauce once then handwash when I get home. I only have one light colored scarf though, and it's only been worn twice. Cross fingers it'll survive my life as well as the others. :girlsigh:
  8. Or should I just relax, wear, and enjoy?

    YES, that's correct ! :supacool::heart::tup:
  9. Relax, wear, enjoy! I have a white H scarf (the white and lagoon Indian Dust pattern) and I wear it fearlessly! hand-washing in woolite should take care of any little things you get on it, soda water during a meal... I mean, you should be semi-careful (I do take mine off during meals and am very careful about tying them so makeup won't touch them) but enjoy them! There is nothing quite like a white Hermes scarf IMO.
  10. I pretty much treat my scarf as a man would his tie. I flip is around to my back when eating. If it's very balmy outside, I will actually take it off, so that I don't actually perspire onto the scarf. The worst for me though is makeup. I dry clean and sometimes hand wash, when I have a little mini disaster. So far, so good. All my scarves still look brand new. Wear your scarves as often as you can!! They make any outfit look that much better! ;)
  11. If I don't have it all wrapped around my neck so it is out of the way, I am a scarf flipper too. My DH would prefer that I remove it, but on general priciple, I refuse to do that. I just try to be extra careful. Taking if off reminds me of a movie spoof on the Mob where the character gets down to his underwear when dining at the Italian restaurant so his clothes won't get dirty! My answer regarding the makeup is use Jane Iredale!! Doesn't rub off and looks natural at the same time!
  12. :lol: Ah yes, gotta love that bright orange cheesy dust!

    Thanks for the advice, everyone. I do like the scarf-flipping idea. As far as perfume goes, I wear it behind my ears, not on my neck. Not sure if that helps anyone, but there ya go.
  13. I was terrified when I got my first bit of "H" silk! I spill on EVERY shirt I wear! it's so crazy that at my age, I can't help but ruin shirts! Did I not learn to eat properly? I don't know! I refuse to let this ruin my love for "H" scarves and I wear them fearlessly now! I too take them off during meals (better safe than sorry) but, I've still managed to drip on one of them! It looks fine now (I had it cleaned). I still wear perfume (I put it on, let it dry, and finally tie my scarf), I can't live w/o lip gloss (and yes, I have had the wind blow my scarf onto my face and into my gloss!), and I love my scarves!

    If it gets a just makes it more unique! Odds are I can tie it so no one can see the stain! Why worry? Just enjoy your lovely "H" and wear it with pride! No matter what!
  14. ^^ I love your attitude! Hmmm, I think I'd call it.....scarf patina. :biggrin:
  15. I haven´t had any problems with my light scarves and I´ve handled them just the same as any other colour.