1. Hi everyone, i want to buy a scarf or bandeau...i think mostly to put in my hair. i have seen one picture when i do a search on here of someone with the bandeau in her hair but it only shows the very top of it. which one do you think is better for you hair? also, can someone please tell me how you would tie the bandeau in your hair like a headband? thats the picture i saw....thanks for any help, i know i am making this harder than it should be. :smile:
  2. the bandeau is simple just pop it on your head and try a knot at the back but it will leave long "tails" hanging at your back or you can put them over your shoulder.

    the bandana fold on a diagonal and the keep folding until you get the thickness you want now repeat steps like bandeau
  3. thank you! i knew it had to be simple...:wlae: i ordered a multicolor bandeau last night from Eluxury and i cant wait to get it.
  4. A little OT - I wanted to get the Red Groom and I noticed that they are not silk (like the Etoile and MC's)..but cotton so I did not get it :crybaby: Maybe I'll get a MC white instead.

    If you look for a bandeau for your hair maybe a cotton one will hold better :confused1:
  5. Great choice - I absolutely love mine :heart:
  6. oh thats a good thought, i never even thought about that. i already ordered the MC one, hopefully it works out. i love the way the Etoile looks in all the colors! do you guys think they are hard to find in the stores? If we EVER go to vegas i am hitting all the stores!
  7. i prefer bandeau. you can just fold it in half once before you use and Voila! good to go!
  8. Don't you worry I'm sure it will work out - I'll actually try it myself (I have short hair ...and not quite a 20yo anymore but I'll give it a try :p )
    Enjoy it - You will love it!
  9. I like putting the bandeau in my hair..I have a pic of the perfo one in my hair in the visual aids thread.
  10. Yeah, it's easier with cotton, but the reason why it "grips" better is because it sucks out the moisture in your hair (-->tip: sleep on a silk pillow, NOT cotton).
    you can play with some bandeaux and sometimes instead of leaving out the 'tails' which may get annoying and fly around on a windy day, I tuck them in to make a lil scrunchy knot on the side of my head (I dunno if my attached pic is the one you're referring to...). Another way of wearing them in your hair is to wrap it around a headband.
  11. ^ ooh that little knot type thing looks really cute
  12. thanks everyone i cant wait to get it now and start "playing" with it. i love the way you have yours in your picture with the knot...

    i will post pics when i get it!