Scarves as Pillows!??!

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  1. well Hermes found another way to get me....

    I was looking at scarves the other day and my SA told me one of the ones i bought would be fantastic as a pillow.

    i didn't want to do it because I love to wear it.

    But after getting all new bedding, etc and it being all white, I needed some great pillows.

    I couldn't find anything I really loved...

    SO...i just bought another one of the 70cm scarves and took it to a shop Hermes recommended and picked out a silk backing.

    my new pillow will be in next week!

    I got this one...

    that is the most beautiful scarf. Its royal blue with all kinds of different other shades.

    very French and very Royal.

    I love it!
  2. here is the one I am getting into a scarf!
  3. Gorgeous! What a great idea.
  4. that is a great idea. pls show us the finish product when you get it back.
  5. thanks! I asked them to rush it so I hope I get it next week!!!!
  6. What a fantastic idea. Can't wait to see it!!! Please post pics when you receive it.
  7. I def will. the company that is doing it is a fabric store and we found a gold raw silk fabric that pulls color from the wheel I am excited!!

    I have 2 white eurpean shams so this will be perfect pop...without too many pillows to put on and off the bed!
  8. I have a friend who has made four of them. Actually, I told her to do so because making pillows was once my forte. Hee hee. I told her how very easy it was to do. Hers turned out amazing with the scarves!!! I really think you will be happy. Keep any sloppy people away from them though. LOL
  9. thanks kellybag!

    its going on my I have to keep my husband from using it...and my dog from using it.

    but he is doing good with the new bedding and coverlett.

    I can't wait!!
  10. FANTASTIC!!! Haute Couturess was wondering about this tooo........HC??? where are you???
  11. Love the pattern and it will make a beautiful pillow. No eating/drinking in bed Ha Ha!
  12. lol, that's what it's like in our home!
  13. You just reminded me--my mom has a friend who did this. They looked great. Can't wait to see yours.
  14. ^^ Some H scarf pillows for your lounge, asa?:nuts:
  15. GG ~ That Is Fabulous!!! It's Going To Be Gorgeous ~ Especially With The White Background!!!:yes::heart: