Scarves as headscarves

  1. Hello everyone,

    I will be travelling through some areas that require women's heads/hair to be covered and I'm looking at an H scarf (plissé to be precise) for this purpose.

    What do you think?

    I'd particularly appreciate opinions of ladies who have been in that kind of situation before.
  2. hmm. i don't see any reason you couldn't, though i'd go with a VERY subdued pattern. the times i've traveled to areas of the world where i had to have my head covered, i found a pashmina worked well...i didn't really see anyone wearing anything patterned, so i went with a solid color as well.

    i think if it's a very neutral color scheme and very subdued pattern (i'm thinking of something like 'champs et courses' - at least i think that's the name - the one with the horse drawings on it that gga just bought), you could use an H scarf.
  3. wouldn't a plisse be too small to cover your head with?
  4. Nancy Pelosi recently wore some Hermes (I believe) scarves on her trip to the Middle East. She would wear the scarf and then put it on her head when entering a Mosque.

    There are some countries where you must cover your hair all the time. For those countries I might suggest carrying a black large black scarf for the more conservative areas and then having the colorful ones for the urban areas. This is really country specific as to what people wear, although in most areas the tribal/nomad clothing, including headgear, is colorful.


  5. ooh the leaves one is a good choice. my mom almost got that. so pretty. a conservative black like the toyko or champs de courses might be nice.
  6. Depending on the area you are visiting, you may want to avoid themes of drinking, gambling, dancing, or nakedness. I would avoid Champs de Course, Josehine Danse and Monseur et Madame for example. Try to find an abstract design.

    Hermes scarves are fine as headscarves though.
  7. winternight: Thanks for those pictures, it's good to have some point of reference.

    hlfinn: Actually, I tried one on and it's fine for my head and hair, if I keep it all in a bun.

    I'm going to stay in an urban area and this is really just to be safe while I wander around town. I should never be alone but if I am, I want to be as safe as possible by not attracting too much attention.
  8. Right, my choices are so far:

    Jungle love in Aqua
    Berries in white/red
    Berries in black/fushia
    Heart of Life in black

    If there are other suggestions, I'm willing to have them
  9. I vote for Berries in either colorway.

    How about "En Duo" ? Very understated but gorgeous.......
  10. ^^^ Yes, En Duo would be perfect.
  11. Perhaps the Passage de Tokyo scarf in the Black or Navy colorway? The tone on tone is pretty understated.
  12. ^^What a great suggestion. I would think that the black Tokyo scarf in particular would be ideal even in the most conservative of settings.
  13. An H scarf is an elegant way to cover your hair but I would feel remiss if I didn't say wearing a special silk H scarf might make you stand out more than you intend to. Some cultures think covering your hair is to do the opposite, not draw attention. Just be safe and I hope you have a good time.:heart:
  14. Well, you've gotten many great ideas already so all I have to add is, please bring lots of great pics! Have an awesome time and please do take good care of yourself!
  15. i suggested the tokyo too!!! lol