Scarves as Handbag Accessories

  1. Since I've joined tPF 2 months ago I've acquired some really nice handbags and was looking for some great scarves to accessorize.:graucho:

    Any brand or website recommendations?
  2. Normally LV girls like to put scarf on thier bags. I'm not a fan but I guess LV has a great one.
  3. I have a blue & white Coach head scarf that is small enough to wear as a headband & also to tie in a bow on a bag. It goes well with neutral colors, like tan. I'd say check the Coach site for ones that are small enough to tie around a bag, & just color coordinate :smile:
  4. Coach and LV have nice ones - I'm sure you could go into any department store or accessories store and find lots of lovely ones. I think they look so cute, but I'm not sure if I'm a scarf on the bag person....maybe I'll try this year!
  5. Hermes makes 'twilly' squares, long and thin- beautiful silk and look fabulous on bags- $120 I believe @
  6. Coach all the way...they make several sizes in a multitude of colors but the ponytail scarf is the perfect size to tie to a bag (as well as a ponytail of course haha)!
  7. I definitely love LV and coach ones! But I have been looking for more that are the longer ones, because all I can find are the square ones, and I don't like those as much!
  8. Scarves are such nice add-ons for handbags! They can really add a pop of colour.

    I really like Coach ponytail scarves. They're the perfect size, so you don't have to roll them up to tie them. :smile:
  9. I have to agree coach has some nice ones...although I stopped by H&M just recently and saw a cute scarf and put it on my black botkier trigger and it looks great!...I guess whatever you can find to dress up your purse to make it even more gorgeous is a go!
  10. Coach usually has a plethera of scarfs at the outlet, go check those out!
  11. I like them very much, especially on all black, brown, or gray leather bags.
  12. I know I've said in a couple threads I don't like LV but I actually like their accessories, small pouches and the like. Try their scarves, the monogram on them actually looks decent.

    Also, I picked up a couple of silk scarves from J. Crew, if you want an inexpensive alternative. I like the ones with the countries with illustrations, reflecting the image of that country.
  13. usually i get some vintage scarves i found at thrift shops to put in my bags...
  14. This isn't exactly Hermes or Coach, but... I haunt thrift shops and the Goodwill and pick up silk scarves in all shapes and sizes. They're great for jazzing up a blouse or jacket or hairdo--or a purse. And you can often find ones that look seasonal--reds and golds for the holidays, autumn colors for fall, etc.

    Here's a tip. If you want something kicky-retro look for "Vera" silk scarves on eBay. Not Vera Bradley, but simply "Vera." She designed yummy scarves in the '50s and '60s. :tup:
  15. I do that too, since I love the retro look of some of those scarves.