Scarves and brooches: yay or nay?

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  1. I've always been scared of using any kind of pin on my scarves in case it would damage them, but I recently saw someone wearing a beautiful brooch with a silk scarf, and it got me wondering if anyone else does this.

    Is it a complete no-no for you? Will you wear pins and brooches if they are light? Is there a method you use to prevent the silk from being damaged, or do you just accept the holes as a natural part of scarf ownership?

    I'm curious to see people's responses!
  2. good question, my friend uses them. i dont, i think hermes scarves are so sophisticated without any brooches, also to fix them there are multiple formats of scarf rings, dozens of knots being possible. but that's my choice!
  3. I only use scarf rings. I can't bear the thoughts of putting a pin in my scarves. Sorry not for me.
  4. I am a huge jewellery person and there is no way I'd ever put a pin through these. On the lapel of a jacket or the top of a dress, if the fabric will be forgiving enough, but not a silk scarf. Most pins are too heavy and would likely leave a small hole.
  5. Yes - I concur with the above posters. H scarves are so expensive and beautiful that I can't bear the thought of putting a small hole in them.
  6. Not a fan of putting a brooch on a H scarf...

    I have worn my Isidore necklace on top of a H scarf & no problems
  7. We should be able to thread the scarf through the brooch without pinning or snagging it. It would have to be a sort of scarf ring that you pin onto your sweater or jacket.
  8. You're a genius. Pin the scarf ring to the jacket, then thread the scarf through it! I'll be trying that out, I think.

    You should send that to H as a product idea. I know I'd buy one.
  9. What a great idea! Thank you! :smile:

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  11. I just couldn't put a pin through my H scarves, moussies, or shawls... it seems sacrilegious to damage them this way, but that's just me.
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  13. If members try this, you would want to be careful not to snag the material on the open set back of the pin, or if there safe pointed stones or any prongs on the top of the pin, on that.
  14. It seems to me, that one could add a brooch, over a scarf, without threading the scarf through beforehand... then, pin the brooch to one's outfit. The concern of snagging a scarf on a brooch, doesn't seem significantly more substantial, than wearing any "pointy" jewelry around a scarf.

    There are so many lovely brooch options... that I'm sure one could find a brooch with minimal risk. If the point of the pin on the back is an issue, perhaps a cap, like those found on tie pins, could be added.
  15. No I wouldn't do it, I would hate to see little pin holes through the beautiful fabric.