scarves and bandanas

  1. I know you can use them on your bags and i heard a lot of you wear them during the summer on their head but what other use have they?

    Which ones look cute for younger people ?(i like the idea of a scarf but when i think about a silk one I can only see them in a grandma-way:s )

    Can they be used as a belt?

    Which scarves do you have and i would love to see a picture of you wearing it!
  2. There are pics in the scarves club:flowers: I wear my big epi scarf on my neck, but some ladies use the smaller scarves on their bags and it looks fab! The multicolor ones look awesome on young people imo.
  3. i think can search for previous similar threads...

    someone posted her pretty pic wearing perfo bandana :smile:
  4. Hi, thanks for the info, I did a search but didn't find much. i'm still discovering new things every day on this firum :wlae:
  5. LOL it took me forever to fully explore this much stuff!! :smile:
  6. Heres a couple of ideas to get you started, in the past I also have folded then into a strip to use as a headband but my hair is short now so that doesn't work so well
    cerises scarf.JPG Cerises scarf wrist.JPG Multicolour scarf wrist.JPG