1. Does anyone know any good product that would get rid of surgical scars? thanks :]
  2. Mederma and try some Vitamin E oil or cocoa butter.
  3. thank you so much ! im gonna try it !
  4. there was a similar question on another board i read about a year ago. it was mentioned there that it is not so much what moisturizer you use but the massage that really helps. you might consider researching to see if that is fact.
  5. THE most important thing is staying out of the sun-- it causes scars to darken. It can turn a simple scratch into a nasty scar :tdown: As far as products, Neosporin works wonders when it's fresh, and after that Vitamin E oil works GREAT :yes:

  6. is there any recommended brands for the vitamine e oil?
  7. ^ I think you can buy the oil at Walmart or any drug store in the vitamin section. I just use vitamin E capsules from Costco and break them open :shrugs:
  8. ^I think any generic brand of Vitamin E oil will work. :yes: I use a Walgreen's brand of Vitamin E for me! No need to get fancy with this stuff.
  9. My plastic surgeon told me to use Scarguard after a mole removal.
  10. Yep, same here, the verdict is still out for me on whether it works or not though....
  11. Yes I agree Kristie, I think it has worked a bit, but its so clear nailpolish like that it doesn't stay on too long, always lifting.. annoying.. how do you get it to stay on? And it smells.
  12. Vitamin E!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ooops I was wrong, mine is called "Scar Less" from my PS's office. It does not smell like anything and it does not lift or peel...but whether it actual works or not, I dunno :confused1:
  14. Mederma has worked for me.