scars and strechmarks

  1. how do I get rid of scars and strech nmarks???
  2. I heard StriVectin works well for strech marks, but I haven't try it yet to be honest. You can always get a sample from sophera and test it out yourself ;)
  3. Mederma is great for scars. You have to be religious about using it. Also Scarguard is what doctors recommend for scars after plastic surgery.
  4. try a search, there have been a few threads on this. iv used bio oil with great effects.
  5. Lol my mum uses that on her face!I used Bio oil whilst pregnant and i still use it now, its quite good my stretchmarks are slowly fading, but i dont think they can ever totally dissapear
  6. I dunno about scars but I think with stretchmarks we're doomed. I tried some Strivectin sample but it's like you have to use it so long to see if it works and I kept forgetting to put it on. I really don't think it'll help much though.