Scarlett's tiny collection

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  1. Here is my tiny collection.

    First up is my most recent bag. LV mono speedy 25. :love: and a close up of the heat stamping. I will post more pics soon!
    speedy.jpg heat.jpg
  2. My two Coach bags and my Juicy bag.
    bluecoachtake2.jpg whitecoachtake2.jpg juicy2.jpg
  3. My Prada and Fendi sunnies.
    sunglasses.jpg sunglasses2.jpg
  4. And finally, LV book, "the birth of modern luxury" and this jacket I got in Florence this summer at Misuri. The leather is tdf. I can't wait till it gets cold enough to wear!
    lvbook.jpg jacket.jpg
  5. Love that jacket!!! :love: :love: :love:
  6. love your speedy. thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks for the compliments ladies!
  8. Love the cute Juicy bag! :heart: Thanks for sharing, scarlett! :biggrin:
  9. Very cute collection ! :yes:
  10. I love your collection!! Thanks for sharing.
  11. like your speedy and the jacket.. very nice..
  12. Thanks chloehandbags, ayla, pursefanatic85 and bluxcape.
  13. love ur bags...
    thanx for sharing
  14. Thank you solitair!
  15. It's a nice cute collection! You say it's small, so I'm sure it's just a beginning!

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