Scarlett kristan or aubergine sophia???

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  1. I know that I had the Aubergine Sophia and exchanged for the champagne (loved it and have not switched out yet) and then I bought the Scarlett Kristen that went straight to the outlets. I love the color but have yet to cut the tags as this is my only Kristen and I an addicted to the Madison leather (gathered in particular) so my dilemma. Should i go back and exchange Kristen for Sophia since she is retiring or keep kristen and enjoy?? What ya think?
  2. Seems you like sophia best so i say return kristen and get another sophia
  3. Is your Aubergine gathered? If so, I would get the Sophia. She is gorgeous.
  4. I got aubergine Sophia today and cut the tags/did a purse change right at the counter! My vote is for aubergine Sophia!
  5. They are both beautiful, but aubergine Sophia is my vote.
  6. I know I looked at her once again on Saturday at he FP Store and thought she was really pretty. Then the reveal of the Aubergine withe the beautiful fob just got me thinking all over again. I just own everything I have in a Sophia ( gathered) and sold a lot of my collection to fund them. Just don't want to make a mistake either way. Woven kristen bs are no longer available and Sophia won't be either. Need to make a decision and go with it tomorrow as it is my only day off!!!
  7. I definitely prefer the aubergine gathered.
  8. Aubergine gathered for sure. I bought the Lindsey and moved in right when I got her home. I love the color!
  9. I vote for the aubergine sophia! She's a beauty.
  10. Aubergine Sophia
  11. I love the champagne color also and if it ever shows up in the online sale I will grab one....sometimes the neutral colors make it there. But I have the Aubergine and love the color. Though the Scarlett Kristin is pretty think the sophia is more special
  12. Hi~
    I love my Kristins but I too say return the Kristin and get the Sophia!!!!
    I also got the Scarlet Woven Kristin BS only to exchange it for another bag!! I love RED and the Scarlet was not as red as I thought. More Berry like. (ASM at FP Coach thought it was Raspberry when I pulled it out of the bag. )
    Good Luck!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. It's really up to you, but to me it sounds like you are really in love with the Sophia bags. Being that you haven't yet cut the tags on Kristin, it seems like you're second-guessing that purchase a bit which could mean it's not true I vote for aubergine Sophia.
  14. Okay ladies, I made he call to my nearest FP store and the have 1 Aubergine Sophia and 2 of the silver/black Lindsay's and 2 key fobs!!! What is a girl to do?????? Love the Kristin woven BS in Scarlett and love Sophia!!! Still on fence about Lindsay being too large, but love the color!!!! Help as they are holding for me to look at!!!!
  15. My advice would be to go to the store, and try each bag on. Hopefully that will tell you which bag you love the most,...or it might just make your decision even harder. :lol: