scarlett kooba?

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  1. hey guys. ive been reading the forums, and i love checking out all the latest bags. question though -- i have read a TON about the sienna kooba, but haven't seen much on the scarlett. i'm guessing a big part of it is the name association, but the sienna is way too big for my liking. does anyone have the scarlett? i just bought it and am waiting for it to come, but wanted to know about the size (how much you can fit).

    i was looking at ebay but that place scares the crap outta me. those koobas on there have like plastic rings holding the kooba ticket on. i don't know but in my ebay travels that usually rings a big bell in my brain that signals faaake. like hey whatever if you want a fake then buy a fake, but people are bidding like 300+ dollars on sellers with ZERO feedback and no actual pics of the bag! just pictures from an online site that sells it.

    i digress however --- so anyway, scarlett anyone?
  2. I've got a Scarlett Kooba and I absolutely adore it! I do love my Coaches but this Kooba could be my favorite. It's a great size if you carry alot of stuff and want room but don't carry lunches, diapers, bottled water, etc (even though a bottled water could fit). It has gusetted sides so it opens into a cube for easy accessability. If you choose to keep it open you can really load it up. And 2 nice outter side pockets for cell phone and keys.

    Mine is Army Metallic (gorgeous) and the feel of the leather is luscious. When I was looking there was only one reputable dealer on Ebay. Yes, people were paying over 300 for fakes all because the seller showed them a celebrity carrying it.
  3. i got it in cream because i think its a nice color for spring. the browns it comes in are very nice as well, but i like a more classic look for fall/winter and a more trendy look for spring/summer, so i may choose a different style when the next season comes around. i am excited to get it because i have read that the leather is gorgeous. i have a bloomingdales by me but i don't think they carry kooba, so i haven't seen one in person yet.

    i just can't believe the fakes on ebay. i wouldn't trust anything on there that looks like that. three hundred dollars for a bag you don't even know the quality of or craftmanship and usually can't even return!!?!? crazy.
  4. The cream is beautiful!

  5. I've been curious who the reputable dealer(s) is or are on ebay?
  6. I'm not familiar with the rules of this board. Am I allowed to post a Ebay User name? I mainly post on an Ebay Purse forum that has specific rules regarding all of this.
    This seller was recommended to me by the other group and actually someone other than myself purchased one from her. I may give her ID away by saying she has an Ebay store, comes from Hawaii. She has her own High End Boutique there where she sells Kooba's and get's them straight from Kooba. She bends over backwards to help you.