Scarlett Johansson

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What do you think of ScarJo's singing career??

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  2. She's a good singer

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  1. Can anyone identify the brown leather shoulder bag Scarlett Johansen's character is sporting in Matchpoint. We first see the bag in her scene with JRM's character when they run into each other on her way to an audition. Any good eyes out there??? I want that bag!!
  2. I'm not really sure but it looked like the Mulberry Roxanne bag.
  3. mulberry rosemary
  4. Last Saturday I went to the cinema to see 'Match Point' and I throw an eye on Scarlett's bag: it's very basic but still very nice. Unfortunately, I don't know if Mulberry is sold here in Italy (I don't think so), I would really like a passe-partout bag like this!
  5. I'm in love with it (or at least how it looked on her arm) -- any ideas for less expensive versions? I can't drop $900!
  6. I knew I saw this somewhere....on another blog. :shame:
    hope this helps!! (Scroll down for pic of the similar bag)

    Here is one on the same site but a bigger size.
    I think it's pretty cute!
  7. LVR sells a good bit of mulberry
  8. Didn't catch this earlier thread - saw the film today and started my own thread to identify which Mullberry this was - thought it was Rosemary but now you guys are definitly saying it's the Roxanne? I need to get this bag. It looked so much softer that the Roxanne I saw at Saks (which was heavy and thick)
  9. Which color did you see it in at Saks? I think the Oak might be softer and more flexible than the brown...and for sure more so than the black.

    From the looks of the pic, it is for sure a Roxanne.
  10. Thanks for the information!
  11. Went to Saks today - It is definitly a Roxanne - They only had black aand chocolate - I want the oak - called Neiman's - neither store has the bag in Oak anywhere in the country - but Neiman's say that they will be getting it back in (it is a classic in the Mulbrerry line and it isn't going anywhere) they will call me as soon as they get one - almost died over a $1700 Chloe on the way out of Saks but I have to set some boundaries for myself!!!! The SA did not know the name of the bag but it had a bunch of pockets and zippers and a change purse hanging off the bag - does anyone know it? I managed to get out of the store without charging it - wheew!!!! It wasn't easy.
  12. I PM'd you with info....I will share where I saw some today after I make sure that Suzy gets hers! :biggrin:

    In case any lurkers read this and grab them all...LOL
  13. did it go? :biggrin:

    Nordstrom's in South Coast Plaza had 5 in the Oak today.