Scarlett Johansson - LV campaign

  1. Scarlett Johansson, who appeared in a Louis Vuitton campaign in 2004, is doing an encore, WWD has learned.

    Just saw this blurb in WWD.
  2. FABULOUS!!! LOVE her!!! I think she is a wise choice!:yes:
  3. i like her too. she has a classic look about her.
  4. ^ Second that. She looks like she could've been in a vintage Louis Vuitton ad. Actually, that would probably be the coolest thing ever, if Louis Vuitton made vintage-style ads with her.
  5. ^^fab idea.
  6. Fantastic...Classic beauty...much better then Madge IMO
  7. How about Uma Thurman??
    I like her soo much!!
    Missed her mysterious smile, with a strong unrevealed character..

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. I love her!
  9. 2 pics from the last campaign!

    She is so cool!
    65_1_b.JPG scarlett-louis-vuitton-ad.jpg
  10. Cool!!
  11. me too. :love:
  12. yay! she's gorgeous!! i can't wait for the new ads to come out!
  13. Ya, I agree.. I like her way more than j.lo
  14. Better than J.Lo!
  15. YAY!!! I love Scarlett!