Scarlett Johanssen....

  1. Sorry if someone already posted this but I love this photo! (MODS please close thread if this is repeating someone elses...) its the neo cabby mm...
  2. The rest.. please click thumbnails for large HD version.

  3. ^^^^^
    Your pics are not showing Frankie but anyone can go to the Vuitton website & sere the advertising campaign pics.
    Scarlett looks amazing & all of the bags are TDF! I want them all!! My Neo cabby will be here this week but that Limelight clutch is giving me sleepless nights & the Biker bag wow!
  4. Ooop!!!!!!! :blink: Sorry, gimme a sec and I'll hack out some thumbnails........ :blush:
  5. Tivoli and Griet = :drool:
  6. ^^^ There they are! Thanks for posting more pics Frankie! I love Scarlett!
  7. Oh My Goodness...she Is Drop Dead Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Those pics were too amazing not to post, though perhaps originally a touch large! They're clickable thumbnails now. :smile:

    I'm going to make them my wallpaper and have them switch every minute or so, they're beautiful. :love:
  9. Hmmm her face is pretty much the same in all of the pictures... Sometimes when someone posts a pic by itself, I felt like I saw it already until I see the bag and I know I haven't seen the pic before. I guess that's why she's mainly an actress and not a model I guess?!
  10. My SA just sent me a postcard like the first photo you posted and I have it propped up on my desk. They are all beautiful.
  11. I love Scarlett Johanssen. She's so beautiful and classy. I was really glad to see her modeling for LV this season
  12. I cannot wait for the fall and these pics only put my addiction into overdrive! Thanks for sharing!
  13. She's gorgeous!!! Love the pics!
  14. i like Tivoli... thxs for sharing
  15. I love this ad campaigne