Scarlett For LV in 07?

  1. I just read an unconfirmed rumor that Scarlett Johansson may appear in a 2007 ad campaign.

    If so... dream come true, I :heart: Scarlett!
  2. Uh Oh, hope you aren't tempted to spend a load just because of her, Megs will feel left out! lol
  3. Didn't she do one already? I hope she does one again.
  4. im not sure if i like her or not actually.. hmm.. how old is she really? I always see her walk the red carpet with much older men. lol!
  5. I think she's gorgeous and would love to see a really classy photo spread...something old glamour KWIM? Something evoking the 30s !
  6. again?
  7. Which campaign is she modeling?:confused1:
  8. Yes according to rumors she will be the face of Vuitton again!
  9. That's odd. I thought LV uses spokesppl only once and then changes...
  10. this was already mentioned here not long ago... personally, i prefer Uma Thurman for LV again instead of Scarlett. for some reason, i don't see her as gorgeous as everyone else seems to think.
  11. oh lord.... i hope not! sorry but im not a fan of her. my dream would be Natalie Portman for LV :love:
  12. I hope this is true too, Scarlett would be better than some of their choices IMO, at least she looked classy in her last lot of adds.
  13. Something about Scarlett looks sort of smutty to me. But hey, if LV could make Jennifer Lopez look classy...
  14. I would LOVE to see Scarlett in LV ads again!!!:love:
  15. I vote for Natalie Portman too! :yes: