Scarlett Chadime Bags.....

  1. Scarlett Chamides

    I stumbled across these bags during one of my various web searches. Has anyone seen them IRL? I :heart: all the styles (and the fact you can choose so many colour combinations), but was thinking of ordering the 'tod' bag in a light colour for summer.....:jammin:
  2. please delete-double post oops!
  3. I just saw one of their bags in InStyle magazine. I checked out the bags on the website, and they look beautiful!! I'd be interested to hear if anybody has one? What the quality is like?
  4. these are beauuuutiful!
  5. Wow! Those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Wish I knew more about them. There are a list of stores where one could go and see them IRL but none are near me!
  6. Danger! I like the detailing! Danger!
  7. There has not been any activity on this for while, but I thought I would check to see if anyone has seen any of these bags since the last posting? Or better still, has anyone bought one of these bags? I am very interested but I live in London and therefore getting one of these bags shipped could be quite expensive, without first doing any homework.