Scarlet O'hara has nothing on Scarlet O'Phoebe and ????

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  1. Awesome Score!! Scarlet is gorgeous
  2. Congrats :smile:)
  3. Two Phoebes for less than the price of one, super! Enjoy them :happydance:
  4. Congrats! GORGEOUS!!!
  5. Thank You!
  6. Thank you lvdreamer, the scarlet leans more toward the pinks than the reds, I compared it to my black really a beautiful color.
  7. Thank you ladies, I am in LOVE
  8. Thank you ladies, I am in love!
  9. Awesome score!! Congrats! :biggrin:

    (I have both of these in the smaller size and absolutely adore them.)
  10. Bag twins:smile: Congrats Granny, you got two great beauties at a wonderful price:smile:
  11. Congrats on your bags and great deals!!! Who is that little photobomber?!
  12. Thank you, we're bag sisters!
  13. Thank you, I really love these bags, I'm sure you love yours too.
  14. Thank you. That is Snickers, one of our 6 rescue cats. He is short haired and his brother is long haired blace, his name is Doodles.
  15. I bought the scarlet Phoebe tonight, originally didn't want to spend that much ($199) but it is beautiful. Hubby is going to have my head though...